Pratt on Texas Podcast for 1/20/2021

Don’t expect these everyday but here is one:



  1. Thank you for the podcast. I have always had difficulty catching your show during it’s regularly scheduled time slot. Now I can make it fit into my schedule so much easier!

    I have a tongue in cheek comment on the Bunger guy and the Alamo… finally, a leftist admits something I’ve always know…Latinos are white…just a different culture. So of course the Alamo is all about being white…one white group fighting another white group about which white people are going to be in charge of other white people.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      That is correct: Spanish-origin people, non-black, Latinos are caucasian. It’s amazing how many Leftist agitators do not seem to understand that Spain is in Europe!

  2. Eva Ritchey says

    Thanks for the podcast .
    longtime listener

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