Cancellation of Robert Pratt & Pratt on Texas

Robert Pratt photo Copyright Pratt on Texas

Dear friends,

What’s happened?

Cancel Culture, is all Isabel and I can surmise.

Immediately after Friday’s show (1/15/2021), my studio phone rang with the first call I have had from Townsquare Media [TM] market management in more than a year, likely much longer. The message delivered: “We’ve decided to go in a different direction.”

There has been no communication from any agent of TM about the content, execution, or business side of Pratt on Texas that in anyway expressed even the slightest concern about the program, its content, or statements made in the program. None.

So what happened? Cancel Culture strikes West Texas from the New York HQ?

If you don’t think this cancellation is intended as personal by the New York headquarters of Townsquare Media, take a look at the “media statement” they posted. Its curt and cold nature leads one to think an arrest or scandal must have taken place.

Townsquare Media Statement Concerning Robert Pratt and ‘Pratt on Texas’

KFYO Published: January 15, 2021

“As of January 18, 2021 the show ‘Pratt on Texas’ will no longer be heard on Townsquare Media radio stations in Lubbock, Abilene, and Wichita Falls, Texas.”

“Townsquare Media thanks Mr. Pratt for his years of service hosting ‘Pratt on Texas’, and wish Mr. Pratt the best in his future endeavors. An additional announcement will be forthcoming concerning future programming on KFYO, KYYW, and KWFS-AM.”

Such warmth after for 14 years and 9 months of revenue and ratings leadership.

For those who speculate, accept this: There has been no scandal, issue, financial or other failure to lead to this cancellation. There has been a warm, friendly, and profitable relationship with the local TM employees and management for almost 15 years. Such an immediate turnabout, with no explanation and such coldness, is shocking and undeserved.  This is how Cancel Culture works, it is rooted in hate.

Is it just Pratt on Texas or are your other favorite shows next?

If you listened to Sean Hannity’s radio show this past week, in at least two programs he spoke about it having been a mistake not telling you how hard it has been to keep the show on the air over the past couple of years. The point was in relation to the pubic not knowing how serious are current moves by politically active corporations and partisan allies to shut down conservative voices at every level. Cancel Culture is on the march and may come for you next.

For the rumormongers who refuse to recognize Cancel Cutlure.

I am uncomfortable talking about the back-end business side of Pratt on Texas but I feel a brief comment is needed to counter the untruths that will surely be passed by some.

Since I began the program, in April of 2006 taking the time slot of the syndicated Michael Reagan show, Pratt on Texas has more than paid the show’s way increasing TM’s take during the time slot significantly. It was setup that way with Clear Channel in 2006; if successful it was to be a complete win-win proposition and if not it would fold.

And thanks to each of you, I had it confirmed Friday night, that ratings for Pratt on Texas are as great as ever. We have consistently been not just the top talk or news program in our base KFYO market in “afternoon drive,” we have generally been the top, second, or third spot with our intended adult demographic, in all radio formats, in each ratings book for 14 years – almost unheard of. But those things are not valued in Cancel Culture because the goal is to have fewer hear differences of opinion, not more.

Despite what one TM employee has intimated this weekend to a former TM employ, there has been no contractual or other dispute between TM and Perstruo Texas, Inc. (Perstruo Texas, Inc. is the entity that owns and contracted with TM to provide Pratt on Texas and of which I am an employee and officer.)

So no, there is no money losing, no sagging ratings, nor business disputes (other than the cancellation executed Friday night of course.)

Understand that Cancel Culture doesn’t care about money.

Cancel Culture is about advancing a political agenda and operates outside of the idea of making money and being successful financially. The goal is to marginalize, at minimum, and to de-platform and destroy the ability of opposing viewpoints from reaching an audience.

Post election certification, Cancel Culture has rapidly grown beyond its roots in social media to include all forms of media and political thought sharing.

It will flourish without mass opposition.

Join the Listener Club to be sure you learn of any new developments about Pratt on Texas.

1/19/2021 Update: I’ve been told by listeners that TM folks are upset (imagine that, did they just lose their entire career and all of their income?) at what I published. Please note the following:

  1. TM in their official letter and their phone call refused to provide any justification or reasoning for ending my top career on their stations (by the way never having missed a goal or request made to me by them.) What else is one to conclude when they refuse to communicate their side? Could it be doing so is so wrong that they fear legal action? I don’t know and could not find out because their letter also forbade me from talking to them, requiring all communication be through my lawyer through their lawyer in New York.
  2. The statement they posted was quite cold and hostile in tenor and yet again, absent of any communication from them after stellar performance for 14 years and 9 months, they want to be upset? How about providing a truthful reason for the cancellation? If you do not do so to me or the public, then you leave yourself open to the interpretation of others – basic rule of press relations.
  3. They are now making false claims to advertisers that I was officially offered “full-time employment” with TM and I rejected such. This is untrue. I was neither made an official specific offer of employment nor did I reject such – it is not possible to reject an offer not made.Don’t believe the untruths which are intended to make it appear that I didn’t work with them on something and thus put myself off the air. I have had no communication, no call, email, letter or any other communication, from the management person between November of 2019 and her phone call to announce the cancellation in mid-January of 2021. That is hardly working with someone in either good or bad faith – it simply is not working with them at all.

2/23/2021 Update: The first leak of “cancel culture” has come from an advertiser who writes: “[the person told me] knowledge your cancellation had nothing to do with ratings, but had been coming for a few weeks due to some controversial things said on air and some folks in Lubbock’s reactions.” Hmmm. Interesting that, if so, all professional responsibility was abandoned in that no one called to discuss such as is the standard practice in the business and has always been done with past management.

Supplied by a listener:

SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Purcell Julie & Lefkowitz LLP Is Investigating Townsquare Media Inc. for Potential Breaches Of Fiduciary Duty By Its Board of Directors

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  1. Brandon Hill says

    This sucks!!! I’m sorry Robert

  2. Donna Burgess says

    I am disgusted, angry & disheartened that Pratt on Texas has been cancelled. After nearly 15 years of listening to him, there’s no one else in our local lineup or even outside the area to replace him. Bring him back please! If enough people oppose Town square Media’s broadcasting license for Lubbock, then the FCC will not renew their license. Come on Lubbockites, let’s do it!

    • Love to join in. Educate us on how to do just that!!

    • Dianne Green says

      where do we complain? I think that is an excellent idea.

      • Kenny Darrell Stephens says

        THE best talk show in America.
        1290 can K M A.
        No more for me.

    • Curt Cowdrey says

      Listened off and on for years, didn’t always agree with every stance taken but I appreciated the brutal truth about our local, county, state, and national politics.
      Sometimes you kinda went over the top but mostly we got good solid information that we could do with what we wanted. Hate to see you gone, Democrats and Rinos suck. Peace n da hood!!!!

  3. Clay Kahler says

    Brother, I am heartbroken and devastated by this news. May God make a way for you and your bride and bless you both. Thank you for your Conservative voice and leadership.

    In Christ,

  4. Buddy Woody says

    Total bullshit! Are you going to be doing a podcast?
    No matter where I work I always try to listen to your show!
    Thank you for everything!

    • Doug Barron says

      While this is a hard turn of events, we do remember that anyone who stands up will be shot at.
      Some shots hit their target; but yet, we die not.
      At times; the loss of the apple cart leads us to a greater and better venture.
      I think that this is so, in this present situation.

  5. Robert Shockley says

    This is utter BS. Censorship of the air waves now. It is time for the true PATRIOTS of this country to take back what is ours. You will be dearly missed Robert Pratt, hope to hear you on the air waves real soon.

  6. Andrea Cavitt says

    I listened to your show as much as possible. Great show! So sorry the cancel culture has hit so close to home. I hope you find another way to make your voice heard.

    • I phoned the corporate HQ and was told it was a local decision; I then spoke with the market manager (who is from Albuquerque) and she offered no explanation at all. Basically, “I made a decision, kiss my @$$”…

      • Pratt on Texas says

        You are a listener, a customer, so maybe that response gives you insight into many things including how the audience is no longer the important thing to certain folk.

  7. Craig andrus says

    Keep us updated I’m sure you will be picked up somewhere else and I’m sure I will be listening thank you

  8. Kristin Morton says

    I am shocked, though perhaps I should not be at the events that have occurred pulling your much needed show from local radio. I posted about this yesterday on my FB page. I am deeply troubled by the cancel culture. So much so, insomnia was my companion all last night. We need to show to help keep us informed on city politics and the state legislature we can not find anywhere else. I am will to assist your program in any way necessary. I take this personally as well.

  9. David Johnson says

    Mr. Pratt. This is a terrible decision. I’m so sorry the commies have gotten here in West TX.

  10. Joe Morrison says

    We know that this is not right, but right apparently has nothing to do with this culture that we are facing. Best of luck to you. Keep up the fight.

  11. Eddie Hyer says

    Boy o boy I had hoped this wouldn’t happen the more things of this nature happens the more it pisses me off !!! But they have to shut you up because you are smarter than them an they don’t want you to inform folks of what’s going on Mr. Pratt I loved to listen to you on my way to the house in the evening time please let me know we’re I can help, I hope the best for you would still follow if you return please do let me know

  12. So sorry for the devastating news

  13. Seth Keith Venable says

    It’s about time that we go do God’s work on this land. I have been a faithful listener of PoT for a decade since I graduated high school and began full time farm work with no 5pm school interruptions. This maddens me to no end. I pray that you will find a way soon to come back on the air.

  14. Lorien Calhoun says

    I’m very sorry to hear this! I pray blessings on you and yours and that God will provide a way to make your voice heard!!

  15. You’ve been canceled? Townsquare Media has killed the most truthful local voice we have?

  16. Lindsey Farmer says

    WHAT THE BLEEP!!!!!! How can I help get you back on the air? Let me know and it is done.

  17. Jim Thomas says

    I’m mad as hell about this. I’ve listened to you , I guess from the start and will look forward to listening to you again on another station

  18. Edward E Pelleau says

    We’ve disagreed about Chris Ekstrom and Ronny Jackson but other than
    that I was on board with much everything he had to say. I listened to you every chance I got and loved your show. Your right, Cancel Culture libs
    are on the warpath and its going to get worse with America hating socialists/
    communists after this election steal. Hang in there and keep us posted. Ed

  19. This is shocking news and demonstrates that this can happen to anyone, anywhere. Big brother coming for all of us.

  20. Judy Carter says

    I am outraged that America has come to this. No longer is there Freedom of Speech unless you are liberal!!! I did not get to listen to Pratt on Texas often but enjoyed it when I could catch it. I feel you always spoke the truth. “The truth” that is something that is being taken away from the American people. I would love to see all of you well spoken Conservatives start your own radio station.

  21. Sonya Sherrod says

    This SUCKS!!!!! Please let me know what I can do.
    They aim to erase us ALL.

  22. This is absolutely unacceptable! They are pushing,creating and provocating circumstances which they alone are responsible for.

  23. Linda deakins says

    It is a sad day in Texas and across our Nation, that your show has been cancelled. And even sadder that people are so uneducated and close minded as to what is going on in politics. Thank you for your radio program and wisdom. It was like no other and I depended on the information for knowledge and education. I can only hope that you will be given another opportunity for a new radio show in the near future

  24. Lance Smith says

    This is a crock! Without your show and also Rush and Hannity, we will be without any conservative news. We have and are losing our America. Our country will be unrecognizable within the next few months and I would say, there is no reason to listen to KFYO. I would hope that Townsquare Media realizes what they have done to a local radio business and what the future results will be to this small business. This is unacceptable!

  25. This sucks

  26. Randy Bartlett says

    I am more than pissed off. I’ve only been listening for about two years. I hate that I didn’t start earlier. I hate it when I’m unable to listen. Working or otherwise obligated. I have often hoped that you would have a streamable or downloadable podcast. I’ve been promoting you as a person that should be listened to. Regarding Texas and national politics. I would love to have five minutes alone with anyone that would say otherwise. I’ve come to love and respect you. Thank you for your voice and your passion.

  27. Steve odom says

    Very sorry to hear about this news. This country has changed to the point, our freedoms in this country are not just threatened they are being taken away by government , business and definetly the media. I pray your voice will find it’s way to another station soon. God bless you Robert Pratt for standing for values this country desperately. Needs.

  28. Tracy Cumby says

    This sickens me to hear. Pratt on Texas is the conservative voice of West Texas. As much as the cancel culture seeks to silence Robert, the deeper our conservative convictions will become. I am Confident that Robert will find a platform to continue to speak with and for West Texas conservatives.

    God Bless and thank you Robert Pratt.

  29. What a bunch of Crap.
    Just let me know where you will be moving and I’ll be there.

  30. Dwayna Bailey says

    I shouldn’t be shocked, yet I am. This will backfire and I pray your knowledge and voice reach more people than ever. Please keep everyone posted as to your next platform.

  31. Clyde Lynn says

    This is crazy. Let me know where you will be moving your show. I’ll be there.

  32. Valeri Gatlin says

    It is most distressing to hear of this news. My prayer is this opens a door to greater spread the good news of conservative views. I for one will follow where you go. Many thanks for your hard work and insight. Many blessings to you and Isabel.

  33. Victor Rotramel says

    Mr. Pratt,
    Thank you for sharing this outrageous information.
    I will be anticipating another communication informing us of where you can be heard on the radio. In the meantime I will be visiting your website daily. I do not participate in facebook or any of the other social media platforms.

  34. Lonnie Burleson says

    Total bullshit Mr Pratt! I pray God will bless you and give you wisdom to know how to continue being a voice in Texas. I have listened to your show since it’s beginning and will do my part to see you find a home for your show.

  35. David Reavis says

    I think it is a disgrace that you have been canceled. Not surprising though. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  36. Kathy Allen says

    We too were distressed to hear that Pratt is no longer welcome on KFYO. We will follow you where ever you go. Thank you for all you have contributed to the people of greater West Texas!

  37. Robert,

    I have enjoyed your program for years! It has been an invaluable resource and informative program. I hope you can work with a local radio station to get back on the air soon!

    We have to stay in the fight!

  38. I listen all the time. I’m a bit outraged at this! Please let me know where you land

    God be with you Robert

  39. Keep us updated ! I guess Beijing Biden is on the move !

  40. Jo Ann Allen says

    I am saddened and disappointed to learn that your program has been canceled. These are frightening times we Are living in. I depended on your program to hear honest reports about what is happening in current events. I hope there is some way we can get your program agsin.

  41. I believe multiple peaceful secessions from the union will be led and requested by Texas and Florida. If the secessions are not accepted, I assume a short but hot civil war will follow. Never arouse America.

  42. Dennis Edwards says

    This is WRONG, please keep us informed as to if and to where your next program will be aired. Guess it is time to dump KFYO!!

  43. We are still here and want to hear your opinions. Let us know how to hear from you. Just took my kfyo app down, I like the on air folks but will not be listening anymore

  44. RUBEN CAVAZOS says

    1984 is rapidly approaching!

  45. Mick Galyean says

    I am too stunned to make any kind of a comment other than I will be praying for you and Isabel. I know nothing about the radio business nor Townsquare media but will listen for what Mike Hendren has to say over the next few days and of course check your website. I’ve listened to you on Newtalk1290 for years and yours is one of the most interesting, entertaining, and professionally done radio shows on the air. Truly, I learned so much about Texas politics and politics in general. Again, I can’t imagine Townsquare’s reasoning other than what you suggest. Sickening. God bless you and Isabel.
    Mick Galyean; Wichita County, TX

  46. Robert,
    Worked at TTU and had the “going another direction” thing happen to me. Will hold you up in our prayers… and that is what we conservatives need to fight the Ungodly liberal media… Town Square Media has been trapped or overrun… I know you will find a new and better show to host. Appreciate your honesty in radio broadcasting…
    Listener Ken Ross

  47. I am so sorry about your cancellation. It is obvious that the lefties are going to do anything they can to get rid of conservative talk and shows.
    Have faith–God will work this together for good. I am praying and standing on God’s word

  48. Stacy Harrison says

    Go to XM. I need to hear yall. Im a new listener but found you all when I was looking for different noise on my 8 hour mail route. Next will be Hannity and Rush.

  49. I totally agree with your assessment of the situation and will be contacting TM to voice my displeasure!!! Keep fighting for the conservative movement!

  50. I am done using kfyo’s user app once i found out robert Pratt was cancelled. Therevwas never a call to cancel his show, whatsoever. The biased liberal media has sucked the proverbial egg for the last time. Cnn, cbs, nbx, abc, time warner, att, disney, google, amazon, twitter, and facebook can all go suck my halls for all i care. Attempting to censor the opposition of like minded people that disagree with you will have lasting effects you cannot fathom. Woe the day when the shit hits the fan. Woe the day.

  51. Vicki Jensen says

    This is total bullshit an unacceptable. You give the truth and other side of the news to bring awareness to what’s going on in politics. If they get rid of the conservative side then they must also get rid of the far left talk shows. Please just keep us listeners informed of where you go. I know we will all follow.
    What options do we, the listeners have to get this changed??
    Is there anything we can do? God Bless you and Isobel and keep y’all safe.

  52. This is absolute B.S. Add my email to your mailing list so I know where to hear you again.

  53. Ken Gregory says

    This is appalling news. Pratt is of the greatest men around, telling it straight up, no matter the topic or pushback. I will pray you find a new source to have your voice heard. We support you 100% and denounce this pathetic infringement on American free speech RIGHTS!

  54. Robert, sorry to hear about this. I’ve temporarily moved to Midland and had no idea until I read this. I will immediately write to TM to complain and to cancel my web hosting. Do you have a recommendation for that.

  55. Kathy Chauncey says

    What can we do to oppose the cancellation of your show? Write letters, send emails? This is outrageous!

  56. Curtis McBride says

    I’ve listened to your show for as long as I can remember! Where will you go from here? Where ever that is You Sir will have My attention. God be with you & God Bless Texas…Please…cmc

  57. ben alexander says

    i will no longer listen to their channel in that case.

  58. I am so sorry to hear of this most unfortunate event. In my initial reaction, blood boiling anger came over me. I am deeply saddened by this news for you and your organization. Robert, you have been an inspiration to me in most days listening as I drive back home from work. At the very least I knew that I was not the only one in Texas losing my mind or better yet in clear frame of mind most apparently have not ever really had. Thank you for the great service you’ve provided. If a podcast or possibly some other avenues of communication are in the cards, put me down for donations. I will be praying for you and your organization to continue the operations if that is the way God would have it. Thank you again and God bless.

  59. Stunned .
    I thought am radio would be ignored by the Cabal.
    I was just joking that Ham Radio would be making a come back along with radio.
    I will support you in whatever why I can.

  60. Susan Little says

    Robert, I am DEVASTATED to read this! I can’t even gather my thoughts because I am so upset. Please know that we will continue to follow you on whatever platform you communicate from.

  61. VANCE BURROW says


  62. Ron W. Brown says

    Wherever you go and whatever medium you choose to continue to Inform West Texasans of the Real Story, count me in….
    “As unbalanced parties of every description can never Tolerate a Free Inquiry of any kind, when employed Against themselves. The license, and even the most temperate freedom of the press, soon Excite Resentment and Revenge.”
    – John Adams, 1st Vice President and 2nd President of the U.S., one of the “Group of Five” committee for writing the Declaration of Independence, delegate to both The Continental Congress and The Second Continental Congress
    Freedom of Speech is a principal pillar of a Free Government; when this support is taken away, the Constitution of a Free Society is dissolved and Tyranny is erected on its ruins.
    Republics and limited monarchies derive their strength and vigor from a Popular Examination into the action of the magistrates [government].
    “Whoever would Overthrow the Liberty of a Nation must begin by Subduing the Freeness of Speech.”
    – Benjamin Franklin, “On Freedom of Speech and the Press”, Pennsylvania Gazette, 17 November 1737, another of the “Group of Five” committee writing the Declaration of Independence, Ambassador to France, author, inventor, and philanthropist
    Please keep us informed!
    Respectfully, Ron W. Brown
    Lubbock, TX 79413

  63. David Melton says

    As a business owner in West Texas I will no longer do any business with TSM.
    I hope Pratt finds a new home and will continue to listen.

  64. David Touchet says

    I’ve seen this coming. Savage going to straight podcast and Mark Levin talking about doing the same thing. As we have found out with Parler the corporate arm of the left will just block conservative speech from the internet. Dark days ahead. I will be listening to your podcast. Dont give up.

  65. Mike Bishop says

    Communism demonstrated

  66. Have always enjoyed your program and hate to hear this.

  67. Dennis Morris says

    Robert, our concers and predictions are being carried out. I will quit
    KFYO. And all TownSquare radio stations. I
    I hope to hear from you if you start broadcasting or podcasting . I am a listeners club member.
    Best of luck my friend.

  68. Theresa Kelly says

    This is wrong
    This culture is wrong

    Robert you have kept us so informed and on top of not only Texas but national and world topics. who can we write to? what do we need to do?

    God bless you and God bless Texas and the USA!!!

    • Marilyn Hickam says

      Robert. No one wants to hear the truth but I am happy to say I enjoyed your show everyday on the way home from work. What a travesty that shows like yours are being shut down. What happens now? We need to know how to put an end to this nonsense going on with our government. One door closes, another opens.
      Hang in there. We are with you. Marilyn.

  69. Christopher Gay says

    We need to get out of out of State (Region) influence out of our media markets. You are the voice of West Texas and East New Mexico. We appreciated your program in Wichita Falls! I’m now worried about our local conservative talk show host and morning show, which is the number one streamed show with TM.
    Christopher Gay
    Wichita Falls

  70. George M Coyle says

    Keep fighting the good fight. May be now you can go to every Lubbock City counsel meeting and county commissures meeting.
    You know how to give a question or a statement and then they get that deer in the headlights look. They will love you and look forward to seeing next meeting.

  71. John T. Macdonald says

    Mr. Pratt
    I have enjoyed your show so much. I am sorry that the world has been pushed to the end. I did not want to experience armageddon, yet here it is. I will fight for justice and honor. I hope to win.

  72. Troy M. Jones says

    These “Cancel Culture” techniques are going to back fire in a dangerous way. It makes me mad first. Then it scares me. The removal of legitimate vehicles of expression will not result in silence silence.

  73. Eric Gentry says

    Just more of the deep state corruption and censorship.

  74. Becky Poteet says

    Robert: my husband and I are saddened to hear that the Lberals have cut you off in West Texas. We have been following you for years and look forward to your show as often as we are able to listen. Please keep us informed. . There must be a way to find another station so that we can tune in…

  75. Tom Jenkins says

    Townsquare Media and KFYO can expect a mass exodus from their listenership after this type of action!

    I for one will be watching to see where Pratt on Texas lands next.

  76. I have been not only a loyal listener but also a loyal consumer by patronizing the businesses that advertise on Pratt On Texas. This show has been my only source for information on Everything Texas! Unbiased news not just locally but across the entire state of Texas.
    Now I am told this is going away?
    Because someone was offended?
    This is a very poor business decision and it is a detriment to the listeners that need this information.
    I don’t always agree with the views of others but that wouldn’t influence me into cutting off honest information

  77. I am stunned, I am furious. I am flabbergasted! TM may find it has no sponsor base and certainly no listener base. Guess their tactic is “divude and conquer”, meaning if we cannot hear and share ideas, ertc. , we will forget about uit, They certainly don’t know Texansm, especially West Texans, very well. Like elephants, WE DO NOT FORGIVE OR FORGET Stay in touch! GOD speed.

  78. Holley Larry says

    Dear Robert,

    Though it probably will be of small comfort to you at this point of trauma, Town Square Media may well be diagnosed by the line from Buffalo Springfield’s song, “For What It’s Worth.: “Paranoia strikes deep/into your heart it will creep/it starts when you’re always afraid/step out of line and the man come and take you away.” Cancel Culture is rightly afraid of truthtllers because the dream of the Globalists is dying and they (somehow) sense that. It saddens me that you had to be caught in its death throes. Chrystal and I will pray for you and Isabel and for Pratt on Texas. The Alamo too was, technically, a defeat … BUT one that prepared and inspired the birth of a great Republic. Thanks for you courageous stances and please continue being who God created you to be. Final word: It ain’t over till the fat lady sings (and if you have any doubt as to her identity please consult the last line of J.D. Salinger’s “Franny and Zooey.”) Joyfully in Jesus Christ, LH and CH

  79. Jeff Nelson says

    This is just incredible!!
    I am from Gun Barrel City but love to catch your program when I’m in Lubbock!!
    So sorry this happened to you and us as a nation.

  80. Stinks to high heaven. Typical liberal BS !!!!!!!!

  81. Stu Childre says

    I will keep you and Isabel in my prayers. …and our nation. I am fearful for all of us. Let me know how I can help and how I can stay connected with you commentary. I value your voice. Best regards, -stu

  82. Linda Steerman says

    The same way they came for Savage all those years ago. Here one day gone tomorrow.
    I learned a lot about Texas politics listening to Pratt. I hope he gets picked up with another media group.
    Americans are being attacked in this country by our own government. Time for a reset before we are cancelled completely.

  83. Contact KSSL in Slaton about being your future Flagship station. My dear friend, Cathy Jewel owns the station.

  84. Sharon Allmon says

    Seems we are living a nightmare! I am so, so sad and angry because “we the people” are being silenced, isolated from each orher, and the truth is being kept from us. Censoring information and canceling millions of citizens, as if we never existed, is a giant step to socialism and loss of freedoms. God is in control and I’m confident that His plan is best….

  85. Michael Martin says

    One can always tell what another fears the most by noting what lengths they go to, and what energy they expend, in eliminating it. It is obvious they fear the principled dissent of an informed, intelligent citizen who stands in the market place of ideas and dares to challenge the motives and intentions of the forces of darkness in the full light of day.

  86. Martin Michael says

    One can always tell what another fears the most by noting what lengths they go to, and what energy they expend, in eliminating it. It is obvious they fear the principled dissent of an informed, intelligent citizen who stands in the market place of ideas and dares to challenge the motives and intentions of the forces of darkness in the full light of day.

  87. Kenneth Ty Young says

    Unbelievable!!!! If anyone doubts there is not a 100% total power grab being undertaken by the liberal left, they are fooling themselves. Pratt on Texas is a conservative talk show in the heart of the most conservative areas of the United States. This is an attempt by the democrats to institute a one party rule in the United States.

  88. Lathan Landers says

    That’s Bullshit!!

  89. Judy Keller says

    I am very disappointed that your show was canceled. I am a “decline to state” voter in California. Even though I do not always agree with you, I respect that you arrive at your views logically and consistently. This is not the case with Sean, Rush, or Mark Levin. Thank you for providing an excellent show and please keep me in your email list to inform me about your future endeavors.

  90. Eric C Taylor says

    Sorry, Robert. I always thought you were great!

  91. Gary Weldon says

    Just ONE more reason to look down our noses at the illiterate, immoral, YA, YAS in that slime pit they call new york.

  92. Bob Terrell says

    time for Texas to exit

  93. Robert Payne says

    I cannot tell you how much it both angers me and and saddens me that I might not be able to listen to your show any longer. I always appreciated your conservative viewpoints and affirmations and enjoyed your passion for all things concerning Texas and our nation.
    I wish you all the best and hope to one day get the chance to sit down with you over a cigar and bourbon.
    Best wishes and thanks for all you have done.
    Robert Payne

  94. Doug Ray Meyers says

    Mr. Pratt,
    Townsquare Media has become increasingly Anti-First Amendment. Even KWFS 1290’s Mike Hendren has started his own Media Company, Hendren Media Solutions, LLC, in anticipation of Townsquare influencing what he has to say on NewsTalk 1290. I will be calling Mr. Hendren’s show first thing Monday morning 1/19/21 to discuss this cancellation with him.

    IMO, Townsquare, doesn’t like that you Call-Out Texas Democrats & RINOs alike.

    Doug Meyers

  95. Kenneth Wiggins says

    To put it bluntly, this is simply not justified and should be against the law to squelch voices of opposition. I pray for Mr. Pratt and I believe that these radio stations will suffer financially.

  96. Robert, when I read their announcement I *KNEW* they are trying to shut you up too! Your show is one of my favorites on KFYO. I will no longer listen to that station or any station that falls under them. Please keep your podcast going!

  97. Jennifer Brannon says

    I am shocked, hurt, and angry. This does, however, give Perstruo Broadcasting an opportunity to re-lauch on a larger forum. Take heart: Pratt on Texas echoed the hearts and minds of MANY or it would not have been canceled. Keep your chin up Mr. Pratt!

  98. Mark Richie says

    Maybe a Rumble podcast? Loved your show!

  99. Jeanette Glaze says

    I am outraged! But not surprised. Venezuela here we come! But honestly, what can I do as a private citizen to push back on this and other such atrocities? Please keep us posted on where and how we can follow you!!

  100. If one wants to…here’s the contact for TSM:
    1 Manhattanville Rd, Suite 202
    Purchase, NY 10577
    Phone: (203) 861-0900

    I regularly listen to Dr. Frank Turek of Cross Examined, Dr. Adrian Rogers of Love Worth Finding, Justin Peters (under the same name), Ken Davis, and Kent Rollins Cast Iron Cooking on YouTube.
    Granted YouTube may pull the “ole community standards” thing at some time in the future but like Frank Turek says, “If you make small 2 to 4 minute videos (kinda like your morning minute), You could direct folks to a podcast or something kinda like Todd Friel does with “Wretched Radio”.
    I don’t know…I’m just “idea spinning”…I have my own YouTube entry (just one) of the survey of my land with a drone. If I can do it…I know your brain storming could be all over it.
    I’ll be reading your posts at your website until I get notified of the alternate “Texas Way” surfaces for me to either watch or listen to.

    Thank you for your show.

  101. Freedom of speech in danger of being removed.

  102. Dale Tumey says

    This cancel culture BS has gotten completely out of hand. Without Robert Pratt I have no need for your station anymore and will be removing it from my radio.

  103. This is a scary and sad time. but we need to look at this as an opporunity. I don’t know much about the media business, but I and many others are primed to invest in news/entertainment alternatives for conservatives.

  104. Robert Hamer says

    Alarming news. I’m a Michigan listener who has been listening nightly for a few years. Robert would be an excellent host of a national show in evening time slot. So now where do I go?

  105. Terri Watkins says

    Wow. This is super bad. Even though I didn’t listen every day, I appreciated the local slant to your commentary and of course the information you gave. Most of all, I enjoyed your bumper music! This is outrageous. I honestly have no reason to tune in to that station anymore. I can get Rush on a podcast, same for Mark Levin. Pratt on Texas podcast needs to start ASAP.

  106. John SoRelle says

    I am shocked the company would make such a poor business decision, but it is a classic example of how cancel culture or I believe Marxism has sought to control our lives.
    Your presence will be missed greatly and I hope to listen to you again, if you find a new venue from which to serve the communities you have cared about these past years. If this is your sudden retirement, I wish you Godspeed and blessings going forward as you have earned it.
    Thank you for all you have done.

  107. Danny Knox says

    Not Good !

  108. James Parker says

    Don’t quit. Of course, I know you won’t. I’ll bet there are independent stations that would pick up your program. I have a connection to a small station in the Abilene area. It’s a classic country station. I wonder if they’d consider 2 hours of Texas political programming daily?
    Adapt and overcome. I’m with you

  109. How can we help. ???

    Love your show
    Keep us informed.

    God Bless you!

  110. How do we write to TM in New York to express our displeasure at Robert Pratt’s abrupt dismissal?

    • Pratt on Texas says
      • Frank Gutiérrez says

        Chad Hasty never mentioned that he was taking over your time slot. Now that this has happened it behooves him to keep listeners informed as to how he got there. In not doing so the “perception of impropriety” steps into the picture and that does not help conservatives nor the likeminded.

        As for the future”leap and the net will be there.”

        Thanks for your friendship and Isabels also. Thank you also for the assistance you provided to Rise Academy when it was founded. You and Isabel are appreciated for helping the children of East Lubbock to have a choice.

  111. Don Nester says

    “That which I greatly feared has come upon me”
    Robert what can we as listeners do? Is there a way around all those business levels that can bring anyone down overnight? I know Rush operated through ABC stations and facilities for years and I always feared they would pull the plug on him too! Please Don’t give up! Your voice especially about Texas politics is vital !
    Semper Fi!
    Don Nester

  112. John Johnston says

    Angered to hear about this. I have always enjoyed your take on Texas politics and the issues of the day.

    I am sure you will find a new outlet for reaching Texas! I will continue to support you.

  113. mark wilkes says

    so sorry good show . we all !!! are going to get cancelled in one way are another . the machine against us is to deep and willing to do anything to stop the mind melting that is going to go on .

  114. I am a faithful listener.

  115. Jon Krueger says

    Dear Mr. Pratt, Thank you for all you’ve done to honestly report on Texas happenings. The actions of TM, and cancel culture as a whole, are shameful and pusillanimous (lacking courage or resolution; cowardly; timid-a Pratt “Word of the Day”) at best. God bless you for all you have done and prayerfully will continue to do.

  116. Pratt, I was just thinking about how little information we, the American public got before Rush Limbaugh. In the same way you have exposed your audience to information about how State, County and City governments work. This exposure has been inconvenient for those who benefited from an unenlightened public. Thank you for your efforts and hard work, it is appreciated by us Texans and you have lead many victories.

    The consolidation of businesses by bigger and bigger companies, like Townsquare Media, is not healthy for competition. If the normal forces of a free economy and enterprise are allowed to work this will be corrected. It may take a coalition of local leaders to jump into the market and take advantage of TM’s obvious bias and bigotry. Isn’t it interesting how decision making from bias and bigotry always leads to failure.

    We appreciate and yes we love you brother. Dust yourself off and get ready to get back on that pony.

  117. Jacquline Vesey says

    This is extremely disappointing. I hope you’re able to fight and find another broadcasting avenue. West Texas relies on your practical insight on important issues in our great state. Thank you for your remarkable efforts over the years — don’t give up!! Stand your ground, we’re with you. God bless!

  118. Randy L. Adams says

    Mr. Pratt

    I am shocked as well as frustrated about this decision. I used to live in Wichita Falls and enjoyed listening to you when I could. What has Mike Hendren said ? Does the disclaimer, “…the following opinions and views expressed are not that of the station, affiliates, etc ,” not mean a thing anymore ? I encourage you to start a Podcast ; at this point we at least have that option to hear ” opposing views ” .

  119. We are beyond upset at our house. This action by the station is unconscionable.
    You literally saved our lives and I’m sure the lives of countless other Texans. Your show is the ONLY good show on the radio, the voice of sanity, reason, wisdom and facts that can be trusted. We would have gone crazy this past year if it hadn’t been for you. Our mantra as the country and everything around us is being destroyed has been “At least we have Pratt!”
    What can we do to help and support you? How will we be able to reach you once they shut down this website and your network-linked email? We cannot afford to lose you. Texas cannot afford to lose you. The USA cannot afford to lose you.

  120. David Hinkle says

    This is just crazy! Please let me know where you end up! Tell us what we can do to support you!

  121. Bruce Eberling says

    Robert Pratt I salute you for all of your hard work on behalf of Texas and this great Country we live in. I believe you were targeted because you are the mortar of the West Texas Firewall and it shows the commies plan for Texas in 2022. I fear the same for Sen. Cruz and Sen. Hawley and the 14th amendment push being launched against them. It all kind of reminds me of the Blitzkrieg. We need to figure out how we proceed pretty quick. God Bless You and Isabel.

  122. Ross Lampe says

    This is an outrageous action. Shame on them. Hope you find another platform to continue your good and HONEST work of telling the truth.

  123. I am not a listener but If I was I would absolutely boycott and I would encourage any other listener to also boycott. If we let them continue getting away with it, where will it stop?
    God bless you Robert Pratt and God bless America.
    Sincerely, Marsha Tucker

  124. Deanne Clark says

    So sorry. This is wrong and will take a miracle to stop. People would not see.

  125. I’m going to be looking for you.
    Glad these people are showing the true heart.
    Be strong.
    We will be better than ever.
    Texas is better because of you and you are appreciated.

  126. Zane Noble says

    This is ridiculous! Pratt on Texas is a great show that needs to be heard. This Cancel Culture is wrong! This country is doomed with political hate like this.

  127. Virginia and Garon Cagle says

    Robert, who is best to contact and what is the best method to contact TM and/or KFYO to protest this action of removing Pratt on Texas from KFYO and the stations in WF and Abilene? Don’t they know Pratt on Texas is the most popular radio show in this region of Texas and is a vital source of news and information? Certainly it is the most popular and important show on KFYO. Can KFYO successfully survive without Pratt on Texas? Does Rob Snyder have any day in this matter? Can you suggest the best course of action to try to reverse this decision? We are extremely concerned and heartsick. How can we best battle this Cancel Culture??

    • Marilyn Turnbow says

      What a shock it was to learn that you will no longer be the transition for us between Sean Hannity and Mark Levin in the evenings. Your humor, informed opinion, and intelligence have been a bright spot in my life. And as a non-native Texan I have appreciated your insights into some of the mysteries of Texas politics. You will land on your feet, Robert, but in the meantime we are poorer for the decision made by Townsquare Media.

  128. Andrew Gallant says

    I’m very sorry to hear this tragic news Robert. I must admit I’m sorry for selfish reasons as I enjoyed your show eminsly. I enjoyed it for the vital information you dispensed (I don’t think there is any possible way I can possibley make up for this part of your show) and also for the thought provoking comentary.
    I’m also sorry for nonselfish reasons as this clearly shows how far we have sunk in our society. I pray the Lord will hold back the winds of strife a liitle longer before the final events of this world unfold.
    Best wishes! I know you will suceed in what ever you choose to do next. And if you don’t, pick yourself up and try, try again! I just hope that we can be a part of it again! May God continue to bless you. Stay strong in your faith and earnestly seek the Lord, and as he promises, you WILL find him. He promises this in his word and God does not lie.
    Often when there has been a great tragedy in our lifes, if we turn to God and depend on him, we look back years later and discover that the tragedy has turned into a blessing by the growth it promtes in our lifes. God alone can do this. I know he can because he has done it for me. May he Bless you and keep you. May he cause his face to shine upon you, and give you peace.

  129. Another sickening example of attacks against free speech. We support you in any future endeavors to speak truth to the issues at hand.

    I pray this market area finds a place for you, local politics is key to stopping national corruption. I’m sure our local RINO politicians are jumping for joy!

  130. I will miss you Pratt!

  131. Danial Puryear says

    I cannot speak for others (but I believe others believe the same as I do) when I say this is censorship at it’s best. Please let me know what platform you land on . It is refreshing to hear at least one voice that is not afraid to speak the truth about what is happening in our country. The fact that you have been taken off the air should indicate you are spot on . Keep up the good work.

  132. They are all afraid of what will happen to them if they continue to support you. This is more than just cancel culture, it’s a war on conservative thought and messaging.

  133. Kathryn Cicherski says

    I’m disgusted and scared.

  134. Merrill Cobb says

    Would complaining to Sen and Rep’s help in this matter since it is restricting free speech?

    • Pratt on Texas says

      No. They have a right to take me off. It would have helped if after 14 years and 9 months of exceeding every goal someone would have called to talk about it beforehand!

  135. Annette Paden says

    thanks Pratt. look forward to hearing you on another format. I’m sure you will keep us updated. Let us know which of the local advertisers to contact and file a complaint against the cancellation. This is absolutely ridiculous!!! The Texas legislature won’t mind if you are silenced but those that listen to you will mind it greatly. You and Rush are the reasons we listen to conservative radio. If they want us off the radio and onto podcasts and websites then we can go there but they can’t silence the majority no matter how much they try.

  136. Sheila Butterfield says

    I will miss listening to Pratt on Texas.
    I hope this program will return soon!

  137. Robert, please do stop trying to spread your voice to American. We need your voice more than ever. Mike

  138. Lance K Thomas says

    Sorry to hear this news. I enjoy your no-nonsense approach to Texas issues. Hope you find a new place to land your show. You analysis of Tx Rep Glenn Rogers. He has already shown his spots.

  139. Andrew Young says

    Robert, Sorry to hear about the cancellation of your show. I’ve always enjoyed it and it was the only place for real Texas news and issues. Took your advice on homeschooling and have never been happier with the curriculum my child is learning. Chad Hasty is always a “Yes Man” and never answers or ask any real questions. Journalism is dead. Wish you well in your new endeavors. Start a podcast and let us know where to download it.

  140. Robert Gamber says

    Terrible news! When TM loses their hat, blank and overcoat, whoever they find to buy their stations may realize what killed TM. Hang in there until then. You are important to many, many of us.

  141. John K. Scott says

    As far as I’m concerned, no more kfyo or any of their advertisers. There’s a reason Hastey is still on the air and you were removed. He’s the Sean Hannity of Lubbock, he talks out of both sides of his face. He’s milk toast, you’re the red meat. I have already removed kfyo from all my devices.

  142. D’Ann Shamburger says

    Dear Mr. Pratt,
    I am angry with the action taken to cancel your radio program.
    I am hoping that you find a liberty loving option to get back on
    the air very soon. I often agree with your opinions, and I
    appreciate your Texas perspective on issues. Most importantly,
    if you were removed from the air because of your conservative
    viewpoints, I am appalled.

  143. James Skinner says

    We conservatives must find a way to have our voices heard!
    Thank you Robert, for your years of truthful commentary.
    Please find another platform, and keep everyone informed.

  144. Larry Ferguson says

    Believing bigger and better things ahead for Pratt. Keep my email and include me in your base going forward… a blog etc

  145. Burleigh Andrews says

    Free speech is under attack.

    Thank you for providing us with valuable information over the years. It will be a huge loss.

  146. Dickie R Hudgens says

    The Democrats have infiltrated a significant number of corporations and are using the resources of these corporations to support their aim to totally take control of this country. Conservatives need to band together and target these corporations and quit doing business with these corporations. We need to get out lists of these corporations and put a financial burden on these companies by quitting doing business with them. I am starting today to stop doing business with Amazon and AT&T. I am ditching FaceBook which I rarely ever used anyway because it spies on everyone that uses it. There are alternatives that can be used that do not target conservatives.

  147. joe nichols says

    PrattI hate to hear this bad news! Can you go to a different station like AM 580 . WE need all the help we can get to fight these lefty nuts and commy
    loving IDITS! Keep us in touch with your decisions .

  148. Guy Carthel says

    There was only a couple reasons that I listened to kfyo… The first was Rush and the second is Pratt. Your in good company there..

  149. Joy Shasteen says

    Is there any way to protest this? to write or email Townsquare Media?

  150. STEVE DAVIS says

    KFYO has just lost one loyal listener. I have followed Pratt from the beginning. I have learn more about local politics from Pratt than any other new media. I also made a point to supported his sponsors’.
    There are other way to listen to Russ and Hannity. I have no need for KFYO anymore.
    Where ever Pratt finds a home, I will be there to hear every word, and I will promote his sponsors.
    I know I am one person, I do have lots of contacts out there that will let know about KFYO.

  151. Lacy McAdams says

    I believe in private businesses having the ability to direct their business as they see fit, but this is clearly an act to silence a conservative voice. It breaks my heart. But I will be looking to see where I can listen for the future… Thank you for standing firm for common sense and conservative thought…
    They are pushing for total control and only the people stand in their way.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      I agree on private businesses but you’d think they’d actually conduct business in an ethical manner – like talking to you about something before taking a absolute action.

  152. David Spears says

    Advertiser Boycott. Tell em we won’t support them if they continue to advertise on kfyo.

  153. Mary Parker says

    Living in Vernon, TX, we have limited radio frequencies. We have enjoyed Pratt on Texas for years, and now are saddened to learn of your forced cancellation. Please advise us when/if you will be on the air again.

  154. Tina Bednar says

    Have always enjoyed and appreciate your show.

  155. You will be greatly missed brother.
    Keep your powder dry.

  156. Coley Ray Hitt says

    We seem to be losing the Cold War that we have been in with the world wide left. I am so sorry that you have been swept up in this madness. I loved your show!
    Thanks again for all the years
    Coley Hitt

  157. Gerald Todd says

    So sorry to hear about this, My Friend. I cannot help but believe the left is emboldened by their sudden gain of unfettered power. They are going to ride us like a hobby horse. Wishing you the best and praying for us all. Wish you’d stop by the shop for a cigar!
    Your friend,
    Gerald Todd

  158. Robert, I’am going to ask every one know to ask the sponsors to withdrew their sponsorship from the TM media. Lets hit them in their pocket book.
    Standing in support of you and your show

  159. Larry Fancher says

    The Liberty we once knew is cancelled. I never dreamed this could be possible in America. RESIST…DO NOT CAPITULATE, DO NOT CONFORM

  160. Ron W. Brown says

    Who in the local management of KFYO (assuming that there is at least a modicum of ‘local management) can we lobby to overturn this TRAVESTY??
    Are there any efforts to organize a “group response”? I will GLADLY sign and recommend my friends and contacts support a petition AGAINST this move of Townsquare Media to ‘Silence’ this IMPORTANT, successful voice of conservatism in West Texas.
    Surely there is another profitable way that ‘Pratt onTexas’ can continue to inform the public in the South and Rolling Plains on CONSERVATIVE ISSUES.
    I have REMOVED KFYO, BOTH AM AND FM, from my loyal listening selections. If POT moves on to another broadcast platform that platform will receive my IMMEDIATE SUPPORT!!
    My highest loyal support, Ron Brown
    Ron W. Brown
    Lubbock, TX

  161. Ray Fuller says

    Hello Robert, I for one am truly pissed about this attempt to steal what you have built. Pratt on Texas has been the best program on KFYO since it’s inception. I do not know about the other two stations, but I predict this will hurt KFYO and Townsquare media greatly. I look forward to hearing you on some other great station very soon, and hope that you’re ratings will just sink them. You have been the best conservative voice from the South Plains for many years. I’m sure that you will overcome this setback. Please keep in touch with your loyal listeners in the meantime. Thank you, Ray Fuller

  162. need a studio? stations to air on?

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Have studios (2) but will have to work out what we do next. There is a lot to the business making an income than just having it out there on a frequency. Thanks.

  163. I just found you a few months ago!
    And with Rush in bad shape, this is not good at all. Please let us know
    if and when you are up and broadcasting again, even if it’s short wave, S-W might be the last answer to this evil push from the left, imo.

    Good luck and God bless

    Mike B

  164. Abel Sanchez says

    This is complete BS ! I will support all necessary steps that need to be took in order for you to be free to have an open platform in order to to continue to speak truth ,fact and patriotism. SCREW TM ! I am no longer having any part of their bias news coverage . God Bless you and Isabel . You truly have helped me over the years in knowledge. Keep us in the loop on your next steps. ABEL

  165. Colten Claybrook says

    Total bullshit, excuse my language. I called them Robert, I wasn’t the first. I enjoyed your show while I lived in Lubbock, and continue to enjoy the podcast commentaries. I hope if this sticks, you will do a podcast and continue shouting out in support of liberty, Texas style.

  166. Tom Heisey says

    Robert, thank you for your clear concise political messages over the years. You have been waving the conservative flag leading the way for us and I can only hope that you find a way to continue that trend. I’m positive that you will find a large following however you proceed!

  167. Rita Rawls says

    Such a grave situation for our nation and community. First Amendment rights being misconstrued and used against the little people.
    How else can we listen to your broadcast

  168. Anthony Forster says

    I like Chad in the morning
    I do not always agree with Robert Pratt. Sometimes I do not even like him.
    But he was always honest from his point of view. I will always respect him for that.
    I hope he has a podcast, if so I will listen to that .
    Thank you

  169. Mary Blandin says

    I don’t care what the corporate line is, this is cancel culture for sure. Anybody outspoken about freedom has to be cancelled! Wish they would hurry with getting those stimulus checks out. I need to buy more ammo!
    Let us know if you get on another station.

  170. Greg Scales says

    I am absolutely floored, pissed off, but unfortunately, not surprised. I was afraid stuff like this would start happening as all of the radio stations began being gobbled up by larger and larger corporations.

    Yours is a popular show and and absolute must listen every day. What about The Blaze media network? Your reach would increase (and maybe your workload, unfortunately), but you’d be back on the air.

  171. Mary Sanders says

    I hate to learn this, I like to hear your Texas coverage! Hope you can resolve this and be back at soon!

  172. Darryl Lindley says

    Thank you Robert Pratt for your passion in telling Americans the ugly truth about the radical left that is out to ruin America from within.
    I see the writing on the wall and am ready to defend our constitution.
    Time for us to identify the enemy and cancel them first.
    Make America Great Again

  173. Derrald Choate says

    I want to cuss and act ignorant but I remembered; that’s what those that “cancel culture” do. You have my email address. Please let me know when you land at a new outlet to share our much needed conservative news and conservative concerns.

  174. I dont know if you can do NOT Texas, but you have been the best part of my day, and you got my vote to fill Rush’s shoes.

    ps Rod arquestt is boring, listening to you from Utah via internet

  175. Robert I am very sad to see you go. Hoping there will be a Podcast very soon, I’d be happy to pay for it. You are the only one of the Conservative radio hosts who has hit the nail on the head here recently about where we are, where we are headed and how we got here.

  176. mike mcclendon says

    I will never listen to this station or any station that is in this New York related radio network. Cancel culture is in effect, you communism bastards. Fairdom of speak is dead unless we agree with you. Go to Hell and I will go to Texas, but Hell seems to follow me to Texas!

  177. Denese Thetford says

    Oh I am sorry to hear! Enjoyed your show on my drive home. Praying for you and this crazy world at this time. Please keep us posted.

  178. Steven Glazner says

    This is shocking to be sure! I love your show and the obvious passion and integrity with which you bring the news and your take on current events. I look forward to following your program wherever it lands. I know it’s hard to keep a good man down and you sir are a good man. Please keep us posted as to what your plans are going forward and know that even if it is a web based subscription type service I feel you would do well. God bless you sir!

  179. Not shocked when I tuned in for your show today and found that you were not there. I’m just wondering if there is going to be an end to this leftist madness that is trying to SILENCE and CRUSH the conservative viewpoint in this country.

    Before “1984”, there was “It Can’t Happen Here” by Sinclair Lewis. It seems like life has decided to imitate art.

    I hope to find your show elsewhere on the radio soon.

  180. Sanford Shultz says

    I live in Orlando Florida, and don’t agree with the viewpoints of our local outlet WDBO, a Cox station. I ended up listening to News Talk 1290 in order to hear Rush and Hannity, and stumbled upon you, as a consequence. I have come to thoroughly enjoy your broadcasts, point of view and straight shooter approach. Sadly, another voice of thought diversity has been silenced. Where and when is it going to end?

  181. jim a stewart says

    just got my email. hoped to hear your show heard someone else thought you took a day off . then heard they made a change . that s****. hope you land somewhere else . inform through the listener club and i will be there every day like i have been. good luck

  182. Valerie Brookes says

    Very sorry to hear you’ve been subjected to cancel culture, angers me beyond words.

  183. I first heard you Mr Pratt several years ago when I was a student going to truck driver school in the Dallas area. I fell in great admiration of both your fervent patriotism you’re overt care for right and good. Your passion is both refreshing and inspiring. I love your show and I pray to my Father in heaven for your wellness and increase. I have been listening to you for a couple of years now and have directed several other Patriots and Truth seekers and persons of considerable character and integrity to your show.. sir, you are a great American not just a great Texan and I hope to be listening to you again as I drive from hither to yonder, again, soon.may be gone and master creator of all things manipulate orchestrate and choreograph people places things and situations in your life and regarding your radio show to uplift you and use you to continue to uplift us. Thank you

  184. Mark Nichols says

    Ruined my Monday on the drive home no less. I listened for a few minutes today thinking you simply had a guest host. A sinking feeling prompted me to pull over and look up your website
    Good grief!

    I’ve greatly enjoyed your program for many years. Your depth and passion is unmatched.

    Looking forward to your next program.

  185. Bob Marshall says

    I’m mad! Left work today at 5 pm and shortly the new guy came on radio here in Abilene. It was like letting the air out of a balloon. What a softy.

  186. Alan Dyess says

    Robert this sucks and I’m sorry to hear what they are doing to you and your show. I will raise my voice to shout your name and show to everyone who will listen. I hope you can find another station that will pick you up, thanks for all the great years and I look forward to hearing you again on the radio soon.
    Alan Dyess

  187. Sonny Henderson says

    I’ll have to apologize for not joining listeners club before, but since cancellation of your show, I’m so crap I could mad my britches PLUM FULL!!! When announced on KFYO this morning the atrocity that had unfolded my only hope was that you possibly had been called on high to take over for the unfortunately ailing Rush. Please tell me that you will still be doing a podcast or something and let me know where to listen.

  188. Kleta Gerner says

    I am appalled and disgusted with the trampling on and disregard for the 1st Amendment. I will miss your show.
    The Lord must have something else planned for you.
    Please keep me informed.
    All the best.

  189. David Miller says

    Is there any media program not owned by some large socialist corporation in a deep blue state?
    Sponsors! Please stop advertising on this platform.
    Obviously West Texas money is channeled to New York to support this UN-AMERICAN view. Free Speech is dying before our eyes and KFYO will just accept it. There should be outrage from all West Texas media personalities and outlets.

  190. Johnny Reed says

    I’ve listened to Pratt on Texas every day on my drive home. While I don’t always agree with him, I believe he loves this country and TEXAS, unlike townsquare media and the rest of the snowflake cancel culture.
    If KFYO can’t find a way to put him back on the air they have lost a listener. I will definitely be contacting advertisers.

  191. Dear Robert,

    On October 21 1940 Winston Churchill delivered a speech in French and English to the citizens of the European continent over the BBC. After giving it he cried many of those who listened cried also. Joseph Goebbels heard it also and ordered “heavy sentences for radio offenders “ and that “ every German must be clear in his mind that listening in to these broadcasts represents an act of serious sabotage”

    Sincerely in “serious sabotage”

    Bobby Cox, winegrower, Lubbock Texas

  192. Cheryl McClendon says

    So sorry Robert. Our freedom is being stolen in so many areas of life. No faith in major station news. All reports are a push of their agenda. Prayers for you and your family.

  193. Keep fighting Robert we need you now more than ever.

  194. Brad Peters says

    To be canceled at the start of a new legislative session is to tragic. We need your experience and leadership to keep us informed of our representatives intentions in Austin. I’ll definitely subscribe to your podcast until you are back on air!

  195. Folks, it is time to vote with your wallet. Contact those small businesses who advertise with TSM and ClearChannel, tell them you will not do business with them if they bow to advertise with those who do not support our Bill of Rights and freedom of expression. Our right to bear arms is next. It started with the posting of 30-06 at every school, medical office, and public building. Even your banker has become a coward. -jw

  196. Brandon Stahl says

    This is crap! I’ve only hung on to KYFO to hear you and Rush…The two numb nuts they have week day mornings are garbage & I’ve never really liked Chad so I reckon I can hear Rush another way and just be done with the station all together. Townsquare has been trying to get our advertising dollars solid for a while now, but this definitely seals the deal in making sure the company I work for and represent “goes another direction” for our advertising needs!

    I just joined your listeners club so please keep us posted on where we can tune in to hear you in the future Mr. Pratt!

    -Brandon Stahl

  197. Denise Kelley says

    Mr. Pratt,

    I am disgusted and think your abrupt removal was absolutely despicable. I listen to KFYO daily, or should I say, I did. I’ve also deleted their app off my devices and sent a strongly worded email to KFYO. I’ll be sending the same to TM in the morning. Cancel culture strikes again. Total crap. Prayers for you and your family. Godspeed.

  198. I’ve been listening even since I blundered into the show while driving my U-Haul up to the Panhandle as I moved there for a job opportunity. What was that, six years ago now? I sat down to listen as I was doing other things and heard something else entirely and though “This is weird” and now see the show has been canceled out of the blue. I guess Townsquare Media is taking the advice given by the People’s Daily from June 1, 1966 quite literally: “Sweep away all monsters and demons!” Of course, the “monsters and demons” are the voices they don’t like…
    No matter where you set up shop next, Robert, there will be ears to listen.

  199. What a loss to Lubbock and west Texas. We are angry. We never missed a broadcast. When we’re away we listened to the streamed show. The thing we will mis the most is your deep understanding of west Texas and Southern NM. I grew up and we have lived in various places that you cover. No one I’ve every encountered on radio can come close to your understanding of the west Texas issues. If TSM didn’t come to their decision to silence you, then their timing, in the middle of recent “cancel” events, is stupid, but typical of remote management. Your unique skills, that they cannot begin to understand or match, will be sorely missed. When you need us, just let us know.

  200. I was absolutely shocked when I turned on the radio this evening and found that you were not on at your regular time. I have just now had the time to find out why. I am extremely disappointed and concerned. Please, fight this if you can. I have already messaged Townsquare Media and requested that your show be reinstated immediately.

  201. Terri Kinard Frazier says

    This is very very sad. You are not replaceable. I have always enjoyed listening to you when in Lubbock. You were entertaining and right more times than not. Yes, there were candidate s and issues we didn’t always agree on. Still you respected me and my opinion. And when we did agree, lol I could always count on you to tell it like it is with unwavering clarity to those on the fence.
    You were always truthful in your beliefs and that is rare these days.

    The people that called you are ….well, to cancel you with a phone call? Really? After all these years? Shame on them! They will reap what they sow and won’t last.
    I wish you syndication with those that appreciate you. The others, good riddance. You never needed them not do we. Just let us know where we can hear you!

    All the VERY best,
    Terri Kinard Frazier

  202. We are so shocked and angry that Townsquare Media would do this. We now have no voice in the entire western Texas and eastern NM area. You were the only one. No one can replace you. Your listeners will follow you anywhere, please keep us posted!

    We contacted every business that has supported KYFO and your show to let them know we would not support any business supporting this censorship. Hopefully, they will all pull their advertisements and $$$.

    This is not a nice media company. Yesterday, this alert went out to its stockholders about a possible breach of fiduciary duty.

    Our prayers are with you. You will find a better company to make rich and we’ll be there with you all the way!

  203. Kirk Lewis says

    I am sickened that I can’t get my Texas news fix every weekday! You have so many unique aspects in your programming.

  204. No longer listening to KFYO. I look forward to your new endeavors. Thank you for what you have done and will do in the future.

  205. Philip Thrash says

    It appears to me that there are really only two possible reasons for this course of action:

    One, forces within the network to include local personalities decided to capitalize on what you have built for their own personal gain. This is the ultimate form of betrayal. True, we live in a capitalist society and as such these types of betrayal occur with frequency in all corners of our economy. This does not make it right. At a time when conservative voices are being squelched, the better part of valor would have been for those currently benefitting from your success to move to another station or another market to compete with you. This path would have given us another voice on the airwaves and a choice. It would have also been more honorable, a fundamental human characteristic we no longer seem to concern ourselves with as a society. Whatever makes money is now more important than following our moral compass.

    Two, it is also possible that the end game is indeed cancel culture. The new program is a mere place card until TM can figure out what to do next in order to remain relevant in the markets they serve. It is easier to rip the duct tape off of skin in one fell swoop than it is to slowly peel it off. When the new program does not meet expectations, it too will be cancelled and TM will likely have two open slots. After all, who would allow themselves to be used in such a way and remain loyal once they are betrayed? I guess if you are desperate enough…

    Regardless of how you slice it, what happened is truly despicable and without honor. Ultimately, I believe we will lose your replacement as well. The tactic being used in my opinion is the same that we would use if we were facing the Russians on the battlefield. First, identify the leader and take them out. Those that were following will not know what to do in a timely enough fashion to save themselves. Hey new guy! Watch your six!

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Very perceptive and it appears to be a bit of both though they will not say. Company wants someone “on the payroll” for one reason: control. And don’t buy this stuff about that not being the case. That is as much cancel culture as anything – de-platforming those you have limited leverage over.

  206. Jane Cansino says

    I will miss you so much. I have been turning the show on most every day after I get off work. You are right when you say we are living in dangerous times, and I am concerned that this is just beginning. It seems they will stop at nothing. It appears they just couldn’t stand any more truth that you were telling. This proves that you are an effective spokesman. I pray a better door opens up soon.

  207. I’m so sorry and so very angry that this happened. Thank you for all your years of service to us. Is there anyway that you can continue?

  208. Doug Arnold says

    Robert, I truly hated to hear this, and please know that aside from including you in my prayers that I have also written Townsquare Media with my dissatisfaction with their decision and to request a truthful rationale for their decision. You might remember my son, whom you supported several years ago in “poster-gate” at a local university and then you came to his commissioning ceremony at TTU. We both think you would be quite successful in the podcast arena but, something tells me you already know this. Keep at it, Robert! We need you in this area more than ever!

  209. Mike Stroud says

    I am sorry to hear about the the way you have been treated. I will miss your program. These sure are trying times and likely to get worse before they can hopefully get better. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors and I look forwarded to listening to you again.

  210. Walt Hillyer says

    So now where can we listen to your show? I’m in NC

  211. David Uptain says

    Sorry to hear of your show’s demise and the continued demise of free speech. When I have a choice I will spend my money with those that do not advertise on KFYO. It seems the only sound that Townsquare Media and other corporations hear is the sound of their revenues declining.

  212. Robert-
    I am saddened by your dismissal/censoring from Town Square Media. You had superb ratings, large audience and we appreciated your courageous, candid, truthful viewpoints.
    I will be canceling and encouraging others as well, our advertising with Town Square Media.
    Hopefully you will be up and broadcasting soon on your own or another station (580 a.m.).
    I will listen and support your next endeavor.
    Thank you for your years of service to our community as well as Wichita Falls and Abilene.

  213. Francis Hamre says

    Now’s your opportunity to run for Governor!!

  214. Chrystal Holley says

    I am totally frustrated by what has happened. It is not just about you. All Americans are facing a difficult future if we allow cancel culture to win. I have already complained to TM. My husband and I are behind you no matter what.

  215. Billy Philips says

    Robert – I am sad to hear this news. I have read all of these postings and they are written from the heart of your many listeners and fans. I share the disbelief, the anger, the concern for dissenting speech, and all the rest. What I want most now is to know the plan forward. I will add my voice but for me its much more pragmatic; how do we get you back on the air? Of course, prayers will be offered and God’s will sought always. What is the path and how do we help?

  216. Bryan Johnston says

    Our prayers are with you and your voice is necessary. Let’s get you back on the air where you belong.

  217. Jackie Kennedy says

    Robert, my husband and I are dismayed over your termination. The only way I see of making an impact on this new culture is to terminate business with stores, high tech, Hollywood movies, people who record music that make fun of our beliefs. I realize it extremely limits life but at least if we started with half their pocketbooks would show an impact We wish you the best and hope we can listen to your valuable information sometime in the future.

  218. Robert,
    I was stunned to tune in on Monday and not hear Pratt. At first I thought the KFYO app had gone haywire. I’ve listened to you from the beginning and although I moved from Lubbock I continued to listen down here in Conroe. Your show has always been special because of your knowledge of Texas history and politics.
    Cancel culture leaves no stone unturned and for any who say “oh hypocrites” please understand this is useless because they cannot be insulted. The ruling class doesn’t give a hoot if you call them names. They operate on sheer vanity of power and they are surely the ones in power.

  219. Ronald Bennett says

    I believe this cowardly move was due to fear (possibly realistic) that Biden will weaponize the FCC as He and Obama did the IRS.
    The cowardice of Town Square Media is disheartening.
    I have discontinued listening to KFYO local shows and will seek other sources for national shows. We should ALL do this.Sufficient loss of advertising revenue may ultimately prove stronger than their fear.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Could be but I have no idea as they won’t tell me or the trade press why I was removed. If I’d have violated broadcast standards or done anything that cause legal peril, I would have been notified immediately as I share liability as an independent company.

  220. Robert Hoehn says

    I was listening to the Hannity show yesterday, then the 5:00 news to see if the Mark Levin program would be move into Pratts place and be live instead of a two-hour delay. At 5:04 the new concluded and then -DEAD AIR. I reached my destination 6 minutes later – all DEAD AIR. I don’t know how much more dead air there was but geeze, figure it out TSM.

  221. Cancel culture at it’s best. I’m done with 790. Bring Pratt back

  222. Hi Robert,
    It’s shameful and disturbing what Town Square Media did to you. I will never listen to AM 790 again. You always brought a great breadth and depth of thought and your insights into Texas and local politics was the best I ever heard. Your commentary was always intelligent, passionate and thoughtful. I can’t wait to hear you on another station. We are praying for you. God bless you and your wife.

  223. Darrell Gooch says

    As a government official I really depend heavily upon your newscast to get my Texas State news and alerts. I hate to hear that your show has been canceled.

  224. Don Pittman says


    This is a sad state of our country as freedom of speech must remain free if our democracy is to survive. These actions that have been taken will unravel our delicate democracy in an expeditious fashion. I am praying for you and will follow you on other media. Please keep me posted.

  225. Craig Childre says

    Town Square can sit and spin. Wish you can find another channel to move to. I’d dutifully follow. Wish I could effectively boycott Town Square. Is there anything we can do to help or respond?

  226. Removed KYYW app from my phone because of this.

  227. Sorry to hear this has happened. Please let us all know what door God opens for you next so we can follow your program.

  228. Frank Castillon says

    I’m still upset about this. Since I don’t do social media, I spent a lot of time last weekend searching for some information and response from you, which I finally found on Monday. Listened to you for years, and met you briefly once. Due to my schedule, I haven’t been able to listen to you as much as I’d like, but always wondered why you didn’t do a podcast, which would allow listeners to continue to follow you outside of the tough 5-7pm time constraints.

    I’ve been worried about this for sometime, quite honestly, as KFYO has changed significantly (see below). They could have at least broadcast Mark Levin live instead of tape-delayed. Hasty is a nice guy, used to listen, but stopped over a year ago for several reasons. Way to dry, vanilla, and watered-down. No passion.

    Seems like his “show prep” consists of writing down 5 or 6 items, which are stretched out over a 2 hour period. Entire segments are spent restating the same “low-hanging fruit” message, which we’ve usually already heard or read before. This is always accompanied by long, awkward pauses during the broadcast, which make you wonder if you lost the station. No research, nothing original. No getting into the weeds, just skimming along the surface.

    Now that his new show is at the end of the day, it’s just the day’s stale news regurgitated in a watered down fashion. For anyone who listens to Rush or other hosts, based on the little I’ve heard so far, nothing new is brought to the table. This evening, he mentioned a story about an organization that he didn’t even know was affiliated with WFAA, until he was told in his earpiece, presumably. Some show-prep. Forced myself to tune in a few times this week, and haven’t once heard anything “Texas,” or anything that takes talent to do: read listener texts and regurgitate the day’s national conservatives’ news takes. No thanks, I could do that. There’s no comparison to Pratt on Texas. KFYO will soon realize their mistake.

    On the online news side, 790 in Lubbock has been fading for quite sometime. Oftentimes, the site is barely updated at all, with only the same few stories for days on end. Some of the “news articles” are written by sophomoric DJs, and read more as a social media post to friends, rather than something written or edited by a true journalist. This is most evident in the coverage of restaurants and businesses. I’ve seen the KFYO shift for sometime.

    I digress. You will find success, friend, I just know it. Only you know how to cover Texas news with research, prep, and passion! No “call-in or text-in” DJ show compares. Keep your chin up, the next better opportunity is right around the corner, and your followers will do what followers do: FOLLOW YOU!

  229. Linda Galliton says

    Please keep in touch with your fans through email or texts. I will certainly will tune in immediately.
    I’m calling to express my disappointment (and suggest everyone do the same) with Clear Broadcasting in their decision to cancel Pratt on Texas!

  230. I feel betrayed by AM 790. I will never listen to that station again. Wherever Robert ends up I’ll follow his show. His show would be the only one where I would actually pay a monthly subscription because his analysis and commentary are spot-on and excellent.

  231. nan honeycutt says

    Thank you for your years of blasting us with the truth, no matter whose ivory tower it shattered. I am not surprised, but am saddened by the media’s attempt to silence you for telling the truth. I have learned so much from listening to your program, and am confident that another outlet will open up for you to continue educating us and helping us to understand what goes on behind the headlines here in our beloved state.

  232. Im curious exactly what the heck it is going to take to convince people that we can no longer co-exist with the American communist? Do they have to start loading your children on railcars? Its time for Secession! We are at war regardless if we recognize it or not. They are openly calling for reeducation camps and deprogramming. WAKE UP!!!! FIGHT BACK!!!!!

  233. Suzanne Patton says

    I’m so saddened to hear you’ve been canceled. Prayers that this is temporary and you’re up and running with another station. I truly enjoyed your program and can say I learned so much about Texas government.

  234. I listened to your special full show podcast. You’re right about the Texana music giving the show a unique flavor. I missed that part. But the show was still good, Robert. I use Pocket Cast on Android and the show was there, so it’s getting distributed. Just letting you know.

  235. Alan Lonestar_Bo says

    I knew something was not right on Monday when I went to listen to you on my drive from work in Callahan County to Tuscola, TX. Some guy named Hasty was in your slot and I first thought you were taking some time off. Have enjoyed listening to you and Mark Levin each evening, looking forward to hearing your voice on the radio real soon!! Keep your chin up Mr. Pratt.

  236. cinnamon stone says

    Robert, I am so sorry and disappointed to hear of the cancellation of your show by the network. I have listened to the two latest podcasts and will be looking for more. Keep speaking your mind and I will keep speaking mine.

  237. Send the message to Twonesquare media “Bring Backl Pratt!” I did.

  238. No one wants to hear this..but we are in the early stages of a Civil War…. Robert, you must find away to communicate with your listeners!!!

  239. Bill, we wrote them saying that with their cancellation of Richard Pratt, we will no longer listen to their radio station or support any of its advertisers. (I don’t think we could stand to hear ABC news another minute, either!)
    Maybe, we could get Salem Radio to come to West Texas — Pratt would make a great addition to their already fabulous line-up. We need true conservative American patriot radio here! We have lost any conservative talk radio or news and need those voices!
    Salem Radio:

    But, Mr. Pratt, where ever you land, we will be there!

  240. I never really liked your show but way-back-when, it was the strongest signal. Your tantrums and rising voice were irritating to the Max. But you grew on me. You were never afraid to speak your mind. And I respected that. Robert. the reason you are gone is that you frightened the hebe jebes out of the mainstream. I assure you that had Trump won, (which he did,) you would still be on the air. Although you were loyal to the core, faint hearts with pockets full of money rule the planet.Hopefully, you will be back. I miss yelling right back at you over the truck radio. 🙂

  241. C. J. Cervantez Sr. says

    The censorship of all conservative media has begun. We need to create our own media outlets to fight the liberal’s attempts to shut us up! This will not stand!

  242. C.J. Cervantez Sr says

    They’ll be canceling Rush and Hannity next.

  243. Tanner Drake says

    Hoping you are back on the air ASAP

  244. Brad Swenson says

    First, they came for the President.
    Then they came for Pratt…

  245. Ron Miller says

    I believe you had a really good show. A smart, informative show. Better than many of the national shows. Would it be possible for you to emulate Rush, and not be beholding to anyone but sponsers. I sincerely believe you are to Texas as Rush has been to America. Your name is out there. Surely you can find the air.
    Thank you for what you provided.

  246. Ron Miller says

    Mr Pratt,
    You know the radio business and Texas.
    You could take your show to every corner of Texas and have a larger cut of the prifits.
    Make a come back.

  247. I am also missing your program each evening. Hope you get back real soon (somewhere) to doing what you’re good at (telling the truth). Wish you well.

  248. James C Legg says

    Mr. Pratt,
    We will miss you until your return. Wish you and yours all the best.
    If anyone could advise where to lodge our concerns, it would be helpful.
    I’m not on social media, so I started with an email and feedback to all staff at Like everyone I know, I am fed up with the lies and the degradation of our country..

  249. I just deleted the kfyo app from my phone and left a one star review on Google play store with the following “review”:

    “Practicing my own “cancel culture”. Town Square cancelled Pratt On Texas for no reason. Now no reason to use this app!! Deleted it from my phone.”

  250. Brad Riseno says

    Straight up BS!!! My children grew listening to you Robert. They can sing alll of your bumper music… I feel sick… Love u Man….

  251. Brad Riseno says

    Ide follow Pratt on Texas over at Cute boots… 1230am… Just saying…

  252. GILBERT RIOS says

    WTH!! Mr Pratt, you have your good name and you have integrity, hang on to both and you’ll be OK! Immorality is running rampant these days! Thank you for truth in broadcasting in a sea of deception and lies! God speed!

  253. QuihiOutlaw says

    I’m a listenner from down San Antonio way. Hope to hear you on the air again real soon. If not, maybe on podcasts?

  254. Robert, I was blown away that they would cancel your show. In the past year your show and rush were cant miss radio. I often finish up my paperwork in the pickup to listen to news relevant to texas amd lubbock. I often listened to you show online when i didnt live in Lubbock. Since your show has been canceled i decided to follow suit. I deleted the kfyo app from my phone first. Next i replaced mmy radio presets with a the other locally owned radio station. I began again listening to radio online. I found that with many other phone apps i can listen to rush, morning and afternoon talk. We as listeners can also cancel radio stations just as those big boys can cancel the little guys. I urge your listeners to do as ive done. Change your presets, find the national shows you want to listen to and cancel townsqure media.

  255. Samuel Ira Martin says

    Well Robert, you did replace Michael Reagan. Was that cancel culture or did you make more money for TM than he did? Bottom line is what us conservatives respect, as long as there’s honor, decency and respect. People come and people go. I enjoyed you & you agreed with me most of the time (or is it the other way around). I say find another station, continue to compete, and many of us will follow you to that channel. You’re more tech savvy than most. Find another electronic alternative and let us know how to follow you.

  256. I’ve enjoyed your show on Abilene and Lubbock stations several years. Would like to know the most effective way to voice my displeasure. Keep on keeping on!

  257. Michael Nickerson says

    I live in northern Minnesota have always looked forward to Pratt on Texas great show very sad that a great voice is shut down I do love my green mountain grill hope to hear you somewhere soon.

  258. My wife and I live in Blue Springs, Missouri which is a suburb just east of Kansas City on I-70. We stumbled onto you Robert about three years ago and your show has been a good habit since. Even though we just turned 80 I am still in the business of developing another tech supply and consulting company with partners from Toronto and New York. Even got them hooked on your show by streamer as I did. We listened to this new buffoon for about 10 minutes, then blew up the streamer. We await your next gig. Let us know what we need to do to help your efforts. God Bless and Best of Good Fortune.

  259. Joe Foster says

    I wrote those TM people a letter with some hard words. For them to reach down into Texas and silence you is a crime that cannot be ignored or forgiven. We need you on the air and back doing what you do best. Let us know how to help you.
    We cannot allow these communists to shut down free speech.

  260. Extremely disappointed that you are no longer on the air. I actually listen to you from a small town right outside of Kansas City, Missouri on NewsTalk 1290. I found this station online when searching for a way to listen to Rush Limbaugh live on my phone over my lunch. During the pandemic and working from home, I quite often listened to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and then Pratt on Texas. I have told many friends in this area about you and have gotten them to listen to you as well. You were straight shooting, no holes barred, truth of the matter, flavored with southern charm and puns that left me laughing and saying amen! I have also told many people that I think that you should guest host for Rush Limbaugh. I think that the whole nation would love you as much as we do! Extremely, extremely, extremely disappointed that you are no longer on the air. That’s what you get for telling the truth in 2021. Just makes me sick. I would love to be notified if another platform picks you up and you begin to air again!

  261. Robert, can’t say that I surprised that you got canceled. You speak the truth and the liberal left just can’t allow that. Since I heard about your show being canceled I have been listening to Rush, Hannity and Levin online. I have been a big supporter of KFYO and that has ended. Hope you find a new radio home soon. Miss you and I am praying for you.

  262. Can you publish the names and contact info for all the KFYO management for us? Have you considered KWKC in Abilene or KXOX in Sweetwater? I don’t know if their range is good enough.

  263. Mr. Pratt, I’ve been listening to you since 2006, familiar with you since many years before that, sir. Your Texas oriented radio show is a BEST-IN-CLASS Talk Radio program that I and 100’s of thousands of Texans and New MexlaTex region American patriots have relied upon and enjoyed. These Cancel-Culture Vultures are a cancer upon our society. I will support you anywhere and anytime sir. You are one of the best, Robert Pratt. Come on down to the Midland-Odessa Petroplex soon and do a program on AM1070 with Greg and the boys. We’d love to have you and maybe we can up the watta and reach those in Lubbock and Abilene and Wichta Falls. Permian Basin Powers Texas!

  264. Mike Blevins says

    This is sickening. Robert, you deserved better, and so did your fans. I hope you end up on another radio station so we can hear you again.

  265. You really crossed the line when you said, “It’s the people’s house”

    They cannot abide a free person’s grasp of reality. (So they’re changing the reality)

  266. Ylaria franco says

    This cancel culture is so dominating our lives. It’s sickening and we are allowing it! Robert Pratt,when GOD closes a door it only means he’s going to open another bigger and better things coming your way. Someone will soon save us from this big mess. Meantime I pray

  267. Mr. Pratt, at the very least start a damn podcast and do that until you get back on the air. There is also You Tube, Parlor, Frank, Vokal etc. that will accommodate you. Your story must go on and your ethos brought to ear. Also consider doing it during your cancel cultured air time that you used to have. I have nothing against your replacement, but when I heard him tip toeing around your absence, it told me clearly he ain’t Texan enough for the job. God bless, and don’t quit!

    • Pratt on Texas says

      JB, you should pay more attention to the main page of the website. Podcast has been up over a month and we are back on air in two markets. Thanks so much for you support and kind words!

  268. Culture cancel, or “dumb it down”. Examples : morning show, your replacement, weekend kkk shows. You have opened my eyes, media giants want to “dumb it down”. Content diluted. You’re the beat

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