Let’s help Democrats by making sure Biden truly won

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedOn the historical precedent for Congress to establish an Electoral Commission, Senator Ted Cruz said:

“I went back and looked at the historical precedents. I think the strongest precedent is the presidential election of 1876, Hayes versus Tilden. In that election, there were serious allegations of fraud in three different states: Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina. What did Congress do in 1876? They didn’t throw up their hands and say, ‘Well gosh, we’ve got allegations of fraud but we can’t do anything about it. We’ve just got to certify.’ No. They didn’t do that. What they did instead is they appointed a commission – an Electoral Commission – [which] consisted of five House members, five Senators, [and] five Supreme Court justices. They considered evidence [and] they examined the ballots and they made a determination based upon what the disputed ballots and what the outcome should be. What I’m arguing for is Congress ought to do the same thing. We ought to have a fair inquiry, a fair audit into these results, and we ought to resolve these claims – not just dismiss them out of hand.”

It shows just how ugly and uncommitted to doing things right our society is when so many object to taking the time to get things right and it’s not just Democrats. There are plenty on the other side who simply want to get on with their customary D.C. deal making.

I have my opinions but I do not know for a fact that the election fraud that clearly happened was enough to throw the Electoral College vote to Biden from Trump. But I do know that when Trump won in 2016 Democrats spent the next four years claiming Trump was illegitimate as president and that Hillary Clinton actually won.

Let’s help our Democrat neighbors ensure their man isn’t so hampered by such claims, as was Trump, by slowing things down and thoroughly investigating whether Biden really won.

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