Pratt’s post for 11/13/2020


  1. You are absolutely correct. The Lubbock Medical Society spouts endless junk science and has since the beginning of the covid-1984 panic. It’s purpose is primarily to provide endless sensationalized scare stories for the news media and shill for the Mayor’s completely unsupportable mitigation measures.
    Remember, back in March when Dr. Islam from the LMS was on the news claiming we all had to social distance because the virus is so contagious that every person can infect 59,000 people?
    That was an urban legend and a completely debunked myth. His story was taken verbatim from a British tabloid, The Sun. A tabloid is medical research to this advisory body to the Mayor.
    How many Lubbock people blindly believed it and didn’t bother to fact check for themselves, going to original sources? Clearly, our local news media didn’t, doesn’t and never will. Nor the Mayor.
    British tabloid:

  2. Victor Arismendez Jr says

    Instead of Mobile Morgues call them Einsatzgruppen Great Reset( World Economic Forum reference), Einsatzgruppen Gates, Einsatzgruppen Fauci.

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