Media position on vote fraud investigation is absurd

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedShould we apply the new-found media standard on vote fraud and corruption to all other forms of crime? Should we shutdown crime tip lines, ban rewards for information on murders, bank robbery, or even sexual harassment?

Should we demean and dishonor those who call for the investigation by law enforcement when they find suggestive evidence of, for example, embezzlement from the local volunteer fire department?

Apply the near universal attitude of the nation’s media to vote fraud to other crimes and it’s immediately evident what a ludicrous position they have taken.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick simply posts a reward for tips on election fraud that ultimately leads to a conviction and he’s lampooned in the state press. The Hearst newspapers saw fit to run a story, clearly from its content, thinking it funny to have the light governor of Pennsylvania denigrating Patrick for even suggesting there might be such a thing as vote fraud.

That bit of media malpractice is particularly rich given that in May of this year a Philadelphia election official pleaded guilty to stuffing ballot boxes to help Democrat candidates in both the 2014 and 2016 elections!

The Austin American-Statesman ran an editorial titled “Stop enabling empty claims of voter fraud” in which it attacked Senator Ted Cruz for suggesting that vote fraud could have happened in, you guessed it, Philadelphia.

It is one thing to argue that there is not enough evidence to prove that vote fraud is behind the Keystone State flipping to Joe Biden, it’s a very different thing to do, what almost all media has done, and suggest that it is actually wrong to investigate whether such a thing happened.

We live in absurd times made worse by a press that on one hand tells us how important it is to maintaining “Democracy” and on the other demonizes those who seek to investigate the honesty of our democratic systems.

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