Pratt’s post for 11/12/2020


  1. As of Saturday, there were 299 empty hospital beds, including ICU, in the entire Lubbock area (called Trauma Service Area B). That’s 3 dozen more empty beds than just last Wednesday when the medical tents first made the news. The public is being led to believe the hospitals are overflowing and need emergency tents because the pandemic has again reached a crisis.
    Call foul. Shame on Covenant. Shame on the news for its perpetual scaremongering. How many empty beds were there last November during the flu season?
    These medical tents have two purposes: hype a public perception of a CRISIS and keep the country locked down, and market Regeneron’s new antibody therapy that Gov Abbott breathlessly reported is coming to Lubbock. Covenant admitted their new medical tents and all the emergency supplies coming to their parking lot will be used to give people who test positive for Covid the new antiviral IV infusion early before they get sick enough to need hospitalization. Politics and money, again.
    This antibody cocktail, by the way, has not had a formal human trial with results published in a peer-reviewed journal. It has only had an initial study with preliminary results announced in a Press Release. In those 275 patients who got it early BEFORE they got sick enough to even be hospitalized, it reduced the number of days they had symptoms by around 5 days. ( The same might be said for far less expensive therapies (and we know these have become political hot potatoes to even discuss) if they were given early the same way. Taxpayers (that’s all of us) gave $450 million to Regeneron for a first batch of doses, and medical facilities (that’s Covenant) will make money charging to administer it.
    Maybe it is worth it, maybe not. But the public at least deserves the full and honest story.

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