Texas “Pansexual” Democrat bill filings in Legislature show contradiction

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedEarly bill filing is open for the Texas legislature and Leftist Democrats, some of whom are part of the group backing Dade Phelan as Speaker of the House, are filing dozens upon dozens of bills to push their Leftist agenda and some standout as examples of the twofaced insanity we find with today’s Democrats.

Take self-described “pansexual” state Rep. Mary González of El Paso. She filed, among many others, HB129 which creates a propaganda curriculum for government schools to indoctrinate what the state thinks to be “appropriate” speech online. She calls it “Digital citizenship” and wants our children told by agents of government what is “hate speech, racism, and discrimination.”

We already know from daily pronouncements that “hate speech, racism, and discrimination” is saying or writing anything which contradicts the Leftist dogmatic views of Democrats like Mary González of El Paso so we can easily know what such a program would be in practice.

Then the same state representative, ol’ “pansexual” herself, filed HB422 which forces public schools to adopt official policies protecting students’ right to First Amendment free speech and prohibits any punishment for an employee of a district who refuses “to infringe upon a student’s” free speech rights.

So on one hand Mary González wants to create school training that teaches limiting free speech, you know the type with which liberals disagree, and on the other hand she files a bill to let the same students, acting through a school newspaper or similar, to say anything they want about anybody with no regard to so-called “hate-speech.”

It’s just another example of how the Left will simultaneously pander to all sides even when at cross-purposes or, it simply shows mental deficiency of the state rep. to not see the contradiction. (Oops! Is that “hate speech?”)

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