Doc’s Cigar Corner: Cigar of the Year 2020 – Migdalia Corona

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The featured cigar is the Migdalia Corona (6.0″ x 46) by Micallef.

Belated greetings to my readership after a long absence! Robert sent me an email indicating that there had been complaints about my reviews (namely, that there haven’t been any!), so I’ve decided to restart them. As before, feedback from readers would be very useful going forward, to guide me in selecting cigars for review and filling in gaps in what y’all may like to read about!

Today I’ll be reviewing my pick for CIGAR OF THE YEAR 2020, the Micallef Migdalia Corona (6.0″ x 46).

Micallef Cigar Company, based in Weatherford, Texas, is a collaboration between investor Al Micallef and the Gomez-Sanchez family of Nicaragua. Migdalia Sanchez is the daughter-in-law of Pedro F. Gomez, and developed this outstanding blend. Migdalia was born in 1947 in Guantanamo, Cuba, and graduated from the School of Tobacconists in Havana at age 17. She represented Cuba in several international conventions and is recognized as one of the world’s foremost tobacconists/torcedors.

The cigar contains exclusively 4-year aged tobaccos. The filler is mixed Nicaraguan / Dominican, bound by a sweet Sumatran binder. The wrapper leaf is a gorgeous San Andres Habano leaf with few veins. After rolling, the completed cigar is aged another full year to optimize flavor blending.

This cigar can be punched carefully using a small punch. A shallow guillotine cut or a V-cut also works well with the triple cap.

Pre-light inhale is mild with matured sweet tobacco and earth flavors. After lighting, the cigar produces ample smoke and rapidly develops a rich, sweet natural tobacco background of medium-strong intensity, with prominent black pepper spice. Within 1 inch, these flavors mature and are tinted with notes of cedar, oak, leather, and fruit in the midsection. Slight pleasant bitterness and occasional cinnamon may be encountered in the last 1 1/2 inch. The finish is still spicy, but somewhat creamy as well.

Construction is perfect, with no unravel and a dependably straight burn line. Overall, this is an excellent cigar, easily the best I have encountered for review in 2020.

Rating: 98

This cigar is so flavorful, complex, and interesting that I recommend smoking it in the evening, while relaxing with a good book and/or a good sweet rum or bourbon. Smoking the cigar slowly will allow careful attention to the notes and aromas. Each one is subtly different, so give yourself time to appreciate these differences for full enjoyment.

Availability: The only local source for this cigar is Smokers Haven in Lubbock, which carries the entire Micallef line. The 6″ x 46 is priced at $10.50 per stick. Find a dealer in your area here.


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