Gov. Abbott and Leftist Judge Garcia not so different

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedGovernor Greg Abbott is pushing, via social media, candidates of all parties and non-partisan races to sign what he calls a “Back the Blue” pledge. In signing a candidate is saying they will, if elected, opposed efforts to defund or dismantle police departments.

It’s a good election political stunt but will not make any difference as the Leftists are no longer hiding their opposition to law and order in so in most case there is no ability to box them into the proverbial political corner on the issue.

Actually living the rule of law… is the best thing Abbott could do to honor those who serve us by enforcing our legitimate laws.

The best thing Governor Abbott could do for Texas police at the moment is to rescind his dictatorial, extra-legal decrees that put police in the middle of whether of there is one more person in a room than allowed or who is or is not wearing a worthless face diaper. Actually living the rule of law, as opposed to the seizure of power and steadfast refusal to let the legislature meet to overrule that power grab, is the best thing Abbott could do to honor those who serve us by enforcing our legitimate laws.

Orlando Garcia

Meanwhile, a Leftist activist federal judge in San Antonio is at it again. This time Clinton appointee Orlando Garcia is acting in the Abbott vein by issuing orders that rewrite how Texas handles mail-in ballots. Garcia’s decree is obviously part of the nationwide movement to delay a clear election result on November 3rd by making sure that the ballot count lasts for weeks.

As Americans and Texans, we should not grant legitimacy to judges who write law from the bench to achieve political or cultural goals as that is a job for elected legislators. That applies to governors as well who grab power, as has Greg Abbott, and refuse to let the check-and-balance design work by exercising the Catch-22 problem of being the only one who can call the peoples’ representatives into action. It is little different from those who seize power and immediately dissolve legislatures to prevent interference with despotism.

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