CDC’s COVID-19 fatality numbers suggest fraud to cause panic

My listener, Sandy, who is a professional writer and researcher provided this to Pratt on Texas:

We knew, since back in April when the CDC changed how COVID-19 deaths were to be listed on death certificates and CMS revised ICD codes for Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements, that the government’s reported COVID-19 deaths were being greatly exaggerated.

Now, even the CDC is admitting that their COVID-19 death numbers aren’t forthcoming. This important information is being kept pretty quiet. I actually learned about it from President Trump’s Twitter!

In its latest CDC/NCHS report* (August 26, 2020) revised (clarified) deaths attributed to COVID-19, the CDC states that COVID-19 was the only cause of death for only 6% of the 164,280 deaths it is reporting. That is 9,856. The other 94% had 2 to 3 other serious illnesses (average 2.6 other diseases) and the overwhelming majority were of very advanced age.

Among the comorbidities and other causes of death were Alzheimer’s disease, intentional and unintentional injuries, kidney failure, diabetes, heart disease, chronic lower respiratory disease, cancer, etc. (3% were injuries, 5% cancer, 8% kidney disease, 8% COPD, 22% hypertensive diseases, 11% heart disease, 3% were in hospice center, etc.).

When is the last time you had a family member pass away with Alzheimer’s or heart disease in which the death was coded as being caused by a cold or other illness the person happened to have at the time of death?

Sandy adds:

Don’t buy into the obesity is a risk factor, either. Only 3% of all COVID-19-related deaths had BMIs of 30+ (well below the percentage in the overall population) and among the ages most dying with COVID-19 (85 + years), only 0.4% were “obese.” Among the second highest age group dying with COVID-19 (75-84 years), only 1.6% were “obese.”

Sandy’s look into CDC numbers demonstrates what many of us had good reason to suspect all along: The fatality numbers attributed to COVID-19 have been so grossly inflated (by about 16.7 times!) as to suggest fraud on the American people.

I am not sure how one can explain such misrepresentation by any other motive than to create panic and fear which leads people, sadly and dangerously, to surrender freedom and control of their lives to others.


* The latest updated numbers from the CDC’s latest publication can be found here.

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  1. The true numbers are probably somewhere in between, but only their doctor knows for sure.:)
    Some of the respiratory failures and sepsis on the CDC comorbidity list could be covid-related, but they failed to report if the patients were actually suffering from covid or were they being treated for something else and just happen to test positive for covid? The truth will never be able to be sorted out now.
    But, really, what credible doctor would list an unintentional or intentional injury or poisoning as a covid death?

  2. Francis Hamre says

    The link to the CDC report is not working. It just sends me to a “page not found”.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Thank you, something quite odd with that link but I have repaired it. The asterisk footnote link did work, the main link in the story is an image, a screengrab, of the CDC report I took in case it changes or is too hard to get to.

  3. Francis Hamre says

    Thank you I’m seeing it now.

  4. Help me understand the numbers. If a person has an underlying condition and then gets Covid and dies. It was Covid that caused the death.if a person goes into the hospital and does not have Covid dimes then it cannot be Covid related. Please the numbers work.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      They are simply attributing all deaths to COVID-19 if a person dies and happened to test positive for having WuFlu even if other items were more likely to be the cause of death. It would be like marking everyone as having died from a cold if they had rhino virus antibodies when they died of a heart attack, cancer, etc.

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