A third more died of flu in Texas by 31 July 2019 than died of COVID-19

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedWarning: What follows is an uncomfortable context warning. If you want to live productively, pay attention and possibly you can rejoin the human race in getting on with things. However, if you’ve utterly surrendered to the fear inculcated in you by the government and media propagandists, put your fingers in your ears and count to 70 to miss being triggered.

Friday was the last day of July in this buggered year of 2020 AD. Last year, in 2019 AD, at the end of July the State of Texas reported that 9,249 people of died of influenza. That’s right 9,249 people were recorded as having died from flu-like symptoms which led to respiratory failure.

On 31 July of 2020, the official Texas COVID-19 situation report listed 6,190 deaths from the new Coronavirus – a third fewer than had died of flu by the same date in the last full flu season.

And that 6,190 figure included over three hundred somehow revised deaths that the state put into the total figure in the last week of July that they say happened over several weeks. So maybe the number is right, or maybe it’s inflated as we’ve seen from other states but one thing remains the same: We did not upend our lives, put millions in poverty, and simply hand to government officials powers never before imagined in Texas to control our lives last year, when by this time, about 3,000 more people had died from flu, including a substantial number of children.

It’s your choice: Surrender this country to the trash heap of history through fear in a way previous much tougher generations refused to do or, get out and live your lives productively taking the same care you should be taking for virus outbreaks every year.


  1. Faye Terry says

    More people dye of the flu every year than they have of the Democratic and media Covid 19. We are being played by the left wing bottom feeding mob

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