The face mask hypocrisy of Lubbock’s Mayor Pope

From “LT Advocacy” via YouTube:

The hypocrisy is evident. The hubris is palpable.

This mayor puts a mask on for a quick camera shot and then pulls it off again and again.

I had gone to City Hall to ask him why his policy was discriminatory. He didn’t want to talk about that.

Note his putting it on at about the 10:44 mark.


  1. Kendrick Kelley says

    This reminds me of the Daylight Savings Time farce. There’s no timebank that you can retrieve daylight and put to use in an emergency. What actually happens is a complete wreck to everyones circadian rhythm. Twice a year all the children and adults are forced to re-establish a rhythm. Medical science has found that this can take up to 2-3 weeks to get done. That’s 4-6 weeks of lost orientation that is unnecessary. It’s more of a conformity exercise to make sure all the pipples are in line. We are being led by the village idiots.

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