Texans allowing destruction of their rights in going along with “orders”

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedJared Woodfill, who is a former GOP chairman for Harris County and is an attorney “representing clients in several suits throughout the state challenging various state and local orders related to the [WuFlu] pandemic,” was reported in the Statesman as saying:

“Where is government limited? … These individuals are unilaterally doing this. This isn’t a body of state reps and senators voting on something, with the governor signing or vetoing it, and then with that particular piece of legislation being challenged in court. This is a governor, or a county judge, or a mayor, issuing dictates that are not being voted on by our duly elected representatives.”

This is a correct summation of the problem facing us and self-governing citizens should be alarmed to action over such irrespective of whether they agree with the policies being pushed. Yet, much the very citizenry that should be moved to action are behaving as unintelligent bobblehead dolls just shaking their heads yes to unethical, illegal, and often unjustifiable decrees from Governor Abbott and other local politicians.

In their often way overblown fear of a virus that to-date is no more deadly than an active influenza year, and way lower than that in Texas, these people are allowing the destruction by precedent of the very social compacts and institutions that protect their most basic rights from tyranny.

And remember this, tyranny is still tyranny even if is doing something with which you agree but, next time it may be the opposite.


  1. Hayden Davis says

    Hey Pratt, my State Rep here in the bustling city of Welch is Tom Craddick. I took some time to call his office in Midland and ask what he was doing on behalf of his constituents to push back against the governor. I was told that he talks to the governor regularly but isn’t doing anything to push back or stand up for our rights as free citizens. The lady told me that this was the governors decision and that they Or we couldn’t do anything about it. She told me that if I didn’t want to wear a mask to not wear one and that was my right, also they they aren’t being enforced except in large urban cities. Quite frankly, she got snippy when I said that this was outrageous what we are doing to ourselves, to free American citizens and that I would not be voting for Abbott or anyone else who condones his tyrannical behavior. The lady also mentioned that Representative Craddick wears an anti freedom muzzle while he is in public, so that pretty much tells me where he stands on the issue. Now I’m even more outraged by the whole situation.

    Best regards,
    Hayden, A 30 year old farmer who loves your show.

    • I have vocally and physically resisted the mask scheme, but many places that I need to go to trade are making their own laws on the masks or indicating on their signs on the door that the wearing is the law. I know better, but arguing with some night manager is not going to solve the problem. He has a family to support and does what the company tells him to do.. They are probably trying to avoid liability, but if someone want to sue you, then sue they will.

  2. Laura Kent says

    Who are the people under the governors and mayors that carry out the orders ? If the cops and soldiers and other just under these people simply thumbed their noses at these screw ups and told them no we are not doing these crazy edicts this nonsense would stop

  3. Stacy Morris says

    The emergency powers law that Abbot is acting under needs to be reformed ASAP. Something along the lines that any emergency declaration automatically triggers a special session would be a good start. Time limits on emergency declarations forcing them to expire without legislation would be good also.
    Hayden, if you come into my place I’m going to assume you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing the mask. I ain’t going to break the Federal HIPPA Law by asking what it is.

  4. Ed Carter says

    I’m thinking we need a new governor. I’m thinking Mac Thornberry might be someone to look at. Panhandle folk tend to be more conservative than the rest of the state.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Mac is far less conservative. He is now going to be one of the highest paid defense industry lobbyists in DC, that’s why he’s lived their for 30 years, no interest in coming back to Texas.

  5. Mary Lou Crawford says

    Thank you for your post. The citizens of Scurry County, Texas have accepted this control. They are going around all covered in fear. I stand on Psalms 91. Jesus said HE would never leave me nor forsake me. HE would supply all my needs. Christians are going around in the mully grubs not trusting the King of Kings. It’s akin to spitting in Jesus Face by not trusting HIM.

  6. Michelle Elaine McFerrin says

    I totally agree with you! Tyranny from our Officials should be stopped… Civil disobedience is what is called for here!

  7. Zac Allen says

    What can we do about city councils that pass ordinances requiring the wearing of mask?

    • Pratt on Texas says

      First, Gov. Abbott has issued a statewide order for such so he needs to be un-elected in the GOP primary in two years. Then, each of your local reps who vote for such need to be targeted with an opponent and un-elected whenever they come up on the ballot. But well before then, you need to call or email each of these people and express your displeasure. You’d be surprised how rare it is for them to get calls and emails from 20 or more people even on a big issue.

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