Pratt’s post for 7/2/2020


  1. Jackie Shirley says

    My husband is 83 and has macular degeneration! He no longer drives and has problems with his vision when he looks down trying to read a book ect. and masks do impair his vision while reading. We thought we would early vote this morning before the mask mandate came into effect at 12:01 p.m. today! We went to vote at United on 4th and Slide and the signs were already posted about wearing masks in their store! Oh well….early voting was closed today anyway! I guess if you want to early vote next week, you will have to do so with a mandated mask rule…our freedom to even vote is being affected….if you don’t COMPLY with the mask mandate, will you get to early vote?

    • Pratt on Texas says

      You specifically cannot be made to wear a mask to vote – even that is in the governor’s “order.”

  2. Victor Arismendez Jr says

    Ah, the puppet Abbott just doing what his puppeteers Bill Gates and cronies want him to do. I wonder when Abbott’s call for the “Two Minutes Hate” will follow. It’s tragic when a society doesn’t understand they are subject of “War Gaming” from the Institutional level. Event 201. Episode #4.

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