Do current infringements on our liberty justify armed response?

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedEarly voting in the Texas primary runoff elections is underway with election day being Tuesday, 14 July. Let’s hope tyrannical government officials back down from their desire to use a virus as a pretext to implementing government control our lives but if they don’t I have some serious questions for my fellow Texans and Americans.

If the governments formed to protect your rights to speak and assemble require you to put a mask over your mouth and restrict your ability to assemble to express your displeasure, is that a legitimate call to armed conflict?

What about the suspension of laws and other restrictions of liberty not authorized by the Texas Constitution?

Would you, as a comfortable Texan and American, be willing to risk injury, death, or prison to fight back? What is the pulse of Texas today? Are we a society that supports the Rule of Law to the extent that we recognize that those to whom we have loaned power do not have the right to ignore limits on their power simply because they themselves declare there is a crisis or disaster?

If you believe governments restricting your rights, closing your businesses, masking your mouths, and more justifies armed response, what are the legitimate moral targets of such?

It’s a lot to ponder but none of us would be living as freely as we are today if others had not asked such questions in both in the American colonies and later in Texas.

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  1. Joe Laughlin says

    Our freedoms are god given, many brave Americans have died violently to assure that NO wanna be tyrant, dictator despot can wrest them from us? I’m old n worn, but would gladly stand against those evil commiecrats, n their evil minions! The present charge to the commie trough by our so called leaders is appalling! I could whine on n on , but this last generation had better take hold, or they’ll be overwhelmed by evil despots!

  2. I think that an armed response should be the very last resort of a civilized society.

    However, today, I guess for the first time, I studied the law in the Texas constitution and codified law regarding impeachment of the governor. Is blatant subversion of the Texas constitution cause for impeachment? I would certainly think so.

    It would be tough thing to do, especially when the legislature is not in session, but it’s possible.

  3. We defeated Santa Anna surly we can do the same to Santa Abbott.

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