Pratt’s 2020 Texas Republican Primary voter recommendations

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Early Voting in Texas party primary elections runs, Tuesday, February 18th through Friday, February 28th and as usual I recommend waiting a few days before voting because often issues with a candidate don’t come out until well into the early voting period. Election Day is Tuesday, March 3rd 2020.

Here are my voter recommendations in the 2020 Texas Republican Primary:

  • U.S. Senator – John Cornyn. He’s not the most dynamic at moving our conservative agenda in DC but none of his opponents have demonstrated even the slightest evidence that they could win in November or would be able to push any agenda, the GOP’s or any other, as well as has Cornyn.
  • Railroad Commission, Commissioner Ryan Sitton deserves to be re-elected.
  • Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3 I believe the best choice is Gina Parker. I had previously backed incumbent Bert Richardson but after learning that he opposes our right to directly elect all of our judges, with partisan labels, I can no longer back him the GOP Primary.
  • A guide to the 10 Republican Party platform questions on primary ballotsMore from the Texas Scorecard.

Those above are all of the statewide opposed races in the 2020 Texas Republican Primary.

In Texas’ 11th Congressional District, insider establishment members lead by state Rep. Drew Darby of San Angelo, an anti-conservative and icon for the pejorative of “RINO” if there ever was one, have largely coalesced behind candidate August Pfluger which should alarm conservatives.

There are several conservatives in the TX11 race and two have earned traction: J. Ross Lacy of Midland and Jamie Berryhill of Odessa. I like them both and both are conservatives but if I were voting in the Texas 11 race, I would vote for J. Ross Lacy.

Young Conservatives of Texas as well as Congressman Louie Gohmert’s backing of Lacy tells me he has been vetted as a real conservative by folk worthy of attention.

Texas 13th Congressional District: I recommend full-throated conservative, and NOT the choice of the D.C. Swamp-swimmer establishment, Chris Ekstrom.

There are other fine candidates who bring value to the race, but none of those who have a record of supporting conservative causes and candidates have gained traction except Ekstrom who has a proven record of political conservatism.

Read more I’ve written on this race here.

Texas House District 60: Before we knew HD60’s Rep. Mike Lang was not running for re-election, creating an open seat, veterinarian and rancher Glenn Rogers announced he would challenge Lang in the primary. At that time, reading from Rogers’ press release, I told my audience that while Rogers claims being a conservative, the things he says in the statement point to him being part of the big local government, establishment part of the GOP. (See more on Rogers and Perricone here.)

More importantly Rogers’ challenge to Rep. Mike Lang was the big signal, the warning, all should notice that Rogers’ does not side with real conservatives as Rep. Lang was one of the most noted conservatives in his time in the Legislature – heck he was the House Freedom Caucus chairman.

Fortunately for state House District 60 conservatives, Jon Francis is a dedicated conservative who will represent taxpayers in Austin as opposed to carrying the water for local taxers and spenders. I strongly recommend HD60 voters support conservative Jon Francis for state representative.

Place 4, Texas 7th Court of Appeals I recommend Judge Larry Doss. Doss was appointed to the court by Governor Abbott and is opposed in the special election by a person I have heard nothing from.

Doss is board-certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Civil Appellate Law and has proven experience in our appellate courts for clients across Texas. He was a briefing attorney for widely respected federal Judge Sam Cummings; holds a BA and MA from Baylor and is a graduate of Texas Tech’s School of Law.

Taylor County races:

104th District Court:  All the Republican candidates for this court are  qualified for the job. I have decided not to issue a recommendation in the primary but, no matter how difficult, rest assured that I will issue a recommendation in this race in any runoff that ensues.

Taylor County Sheriff: I recommend re-electing Sheriff Ricky Bishop whom I endorsed in his first run for the position. Despite typical grumbling from the defeated former sheriff and others, it appears that Sheriff Bishop has served well and worked to accomplish the things he promised voters when first elected.

Wichita County races:

Constable, Precinct 1, Place 1: I recommend Chris Craig who has well served the people of Wichita County as the chief deputy constable for years. He has 30-years of law enforcement experience.

Lubbock County races:

99th and 140th District Courts in Lubbock County. These are big races and it appears to me that all the Republican candidates for these courts are qualified for the jobs. I have decided not to issue a recommendation in the primary but, no matter how difficult, rest assured that I will issue a recommendation in these court races in any runoffs that ensue.

Lubbock Co. Commissioner, Precinct 1. I recommend Lee Ann Dumbauld – read a full commentary on the issue here.



  1. I depend on your recommendations for every election. There are so many deceptive candidates out there. Without someone like you, it would be hard to discriminate the “sheep” from the “goats”.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Thank you, that is a big compliment. Sometimes we are all let down by candidates we thought would be better but we still have to make a choice even knowing that.

      • Steve Parker says

        I am just curious what do you think about Stovall in the primaries

      • Pratt on Texas says

        Just look at the money he has not raised. He’s a nice guy I believe I once endorsed but there is no chance to top Cornyn in the primary and if he did it would put the seat in jeopardy in November. Good polling shows Cornyn to be very popular with Republican voters despite how uneasy many conservatives are.

  2. Yeah, everybody! Cast that vote for John Cornyn. You know, the guy that votes with Democrats over 70% of the time. “Not the most dynamic at moving our conservative agenda”. Bwhahahaha! Nice downplay!

    • Pratt on Texas says

      What evidence do you have that his challengers can win against a very well funded Democrat in November? That is what he will face. Would you rather have a very far-Left Dem as your Senator? Also, that voting with Dems 70% figure comes from the fact that a huge number of bills are generally supported by all – you can get that same type of figure, maybe a higher percentage, in the Texas Legislature as most votes are local-consent items that all vote for.

      • So money equals victory? That’s absurd. Joe Blow could run against any democrat and win. Just don’t dare call people RINOs because you endorse candidates like Trump, Cornyn, and Arrington who’s only “conservative” qualifications is the stupid R next to there name. I also pointed out to you that Thornberry was a fraud but at the time you poo pooed the CR Liberty Score rating system. Now all of a sudden you’re calling him out on his latest siding with democrats on wall funding. Does it take RINOs to announce they’re retiring for you to be honest about who they really are? You have no credibility.

      • Pratt on Texas says

        Live in your fantasy world. No none has to follow my recommendations. If your candidate is so appealing then why would my take on it matter?

  3. Dennis Morris says

    Thanks for all the work you do exposing the RINO’s. I have been a Jon Francis supporter since he announced. I hope his Wilks connections do not hurt him in the district. I also will be voting for J Ross Lacy and John Cornyn. At least has been a strong 2nd amendment vote so far. If he lets me down on that I will be thru with him. I know I should not be a one issue voter, but Cornyn has backed us into a corner on most issues.
    Thanks for all you do. Enjoy your show daily on the RadioPup app down here on the farm.

  4. Lisa Sawyer says

    What about the Lubbock County Commissioner Precinct 1 race???

  5. Jim Bob Read says

    I forwarded your recommendations to my grown children, 82 year old conservative mom and my friends and church family. We appreciate what you do and your staunch conservative voice.

  6. I agree with your thoughts on the Lubbock County Judicial races. There are a number of very good candidates.

  7. Vicki Sweetman says

    I print and take your recommendations with me! Before, it was so uncomfortable casting votes when I knew so little about the people running. Thank you so much!

  8. Just curious about your take on the Wichita County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, Place 1 race. After reviewing all 3 candidates Robeson seems to be the most qualified, I’ve always valued your input and would love to hear what you think.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      I have not heard from any of these candidates which is an indication that they have no concern for the conservative voters in the Republican Party. I’ve not read enough to issue an opinion. I’d probably support which ever candidate is the most far-away socially, etc. from the courthouse crowd.

      • From what I can tell, one served on city council and claims that she’s a hard worker and has quoted that she’ll just learn what that office does when she gets in. One guy works in the JP’s office as a clerk and oddly has had the appointed JP P1,P1 judge endorse him, and claims that he’s the only candidate ready because he’s worked in the office as a truancy case clerk for 8 years. One is a disabled Army Ranger with 2 Purple Heart’s and a Bronze Star w/ Valor and is currently a police officer. His stance is that 3 out of the 5 elected Judge’s were police before they were elected and LEO experience lines up perfectly with what it takes to be a Justice of the Peace.

  9. Hello! I read San Antonio Express-News’s “A guide to the 10 Republican platform questions on primary ballots,” which you shared. While most of the ten questions are obvious “Yes’s,” how will you be voting on Propositions 7, 9, and 10? Thanks!

  10. Michael Peeples says

    The Texas republican propositions are worded weird, Do you have a guide on how to answer them or is just read carefully?

  11. Steena Fields says

    Mr. Pratt is a watchdog for conservative voters in Texas. Thank you

  12. Roy Patrick says

    I do appreciate your recommendations. Thanks for all you do, in n in informing us.

  13. I am not sure who Chris is, but his venom does not belong on this forum. His obvious disdain for Robert is quite obvious, and hiding behind a keyboard and taking cheap shots probably makes him feel like something other than a misinformed zealot If you don’t like Robert’s picks, don’t use them! Voting is a precious right that many people have DIED for, so you can continue to do so! Why put Robert in the hot seat? Get off your lazy butts and do your own research! I was sounding the alarm about Obama way before he even announced his candidacy. People have forgotten how to study…

    • Pratt on Texas says

      I’ve never quite understood some folk on this subject. The items are simply my personal, informed opinion and all are free to reject or accept such. It is a big waste of time to get all worked up over such.

    • Just pointing out that he claims to be a small-government conservative and supports candidates like Cornyn, Arrington, Thornberry and Trump that are anything but small government conservatives. Bet you claim to be all for freedom of speech too yet here you are saying my “venom doesn’t belong here”. LMAO. You sound like an emotional Trumpanzee. Up until this election I’ve gone with his recommendations. I’m doubtful now because he seems more and more like GOPe. Won’t give Stovall and Yancey even the time of day.

      • Pratt on Texas says

        For your information, though it will not matter, Stovall and Yancey have been granted air time when such was requested. It is clear that everyone but you and your subculture are unacceptable and truth is meaningless to you. For example, I never backed Arrington. I was a Ted Cruz backer in the last presidential primary too, not a Trump backer. Also on Cornyn I have been among the most vocal critics for some time in the state but I also realize that a weak Republican is much better than electing a strong Leftist Democrat in Nov. Please take your debate to social media where endless on and on without truth is the norm.

      • You go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had. Cornyn is the best we’ve got to oppose the completely radical insane left. This is not the time to stand on some moral ivory tower telling us about who the “real” conservatives are which have no chance of getting into office. Then what have you gained? We are infinitely better off with Trump, Thornberry and Cornyn. Otherwise we will be governed by Hillary, Robert Francis O’Rourke, and Bernie Sanders.

        Easy decision for me and Robert and the rest of us conservative grown-ups.

  14. Daniel Gardner says

    We try to do as much homework as we can on these politicians, but we trust your opinion when it comes to maintaining our conservative values. Thanks for all the hard work.

  15. Thank you Mr. Pratt, I take your recommendations very seriously! You’re a true PATRIOT!

  16. Jerry Sadberry says

    I don’t understand why Isidro Gutierrez doesn’t get more traction. I liked his radio program when he was on. Sounds like a good conservative to me.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      What evidence is there that he isn’t getting traction? Precinct 3 has 3 strong candidates in the GOP primary any one of which can give the Democrat incumbent a run for his money. That’s why I didn’t bother to endorse, let the one who works the hardest win because it will take big effort to win that district in November – it can be done but it will be very tough.

  17. I am not able to listen everyday to ur radio show,, is there somewhere i can find ur brief explanation as to why u vote “no” on Prop. 2, 6, 8

    • Pratt on Texas says

      You are not looking at this current election. Those “no” votes were for the Texas Constitutional Amendment Election back in November of last year (2019.)

  18. Kathryn Buchanan says

    I always check your recommendations, and then share them with my family in other parts of the state. Thank you

  19. Tom Heisey says

    Robert, thank you for fighting the good fight and giving voters the info we need to elect the conservatives in the races. You spot the indicators, trends, and statements that busy voters might miss. As always, I use your recommendations to make my own decisions, but we rarely differ by much.

  20. Thanks for putting your recommendations out. I find it challenging to find information on the candidates.

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