Lubbock Co. Commissioner, Precinct 1 race

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedThe for Lubbock County Commissioner, Precinct 1 is for the seat long held by the All Hat and No Cattle commissioner who had voted on tax rates annually for a decade and a half but who ridiculously and ignorantly claimed that adopting the Effective Tax Rate was passing a tax increase.

Voters in Lubbock County put three new Republicans on the Commissioners Court last election hoping to end out-of-control spending which has depleted the county’s reserves. Sadly voters were hoodwinked and only came away with two new votes in the conservative direction which kept the big-spenders in a 3-vote majority. The county judge, who ran as a conservative, immediately after taking office turned 180-degrees from his campaign rhetoric and adopted a bureaucracy-building and big-spending path.

Lee Ann Dumbauld

Lubbock County’s books, and other things, are a mess with conservative commissioners Jason Corley and Chad Seay having a hard time even knowing if the documents they are given are correct.

At this moment in time, Lubbock County and its two conservative commissioners, need Lee Ann Dumbauld on the court. Lee Ann Dumbauld is unmatched in her expertise on government finance, budgeting, and transparency.

Dumbauld has been helping conservative leaders behind the scenes for several years by running numbers and pointing out bull-bleep coming from local governments.

If Lubbock doesn’t have Lee Ann Dumbauld on the Commissioners Court, conservatives might indeed get three votes but the county judge will then still control the information and effectively run things despite the accomplishment.


  1. What is your opinion on Terence Stovar?

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Seems like a very nice person. On my show he began with how we don’t need to spend money but then went on to talk about all the things the county needs to do. It was disconnected.

      • Thanks. Man if we could just find people to STOP spending. I understand the need to improve infrastructure, but come on! I don’t spend money I don’t have.

      • Krysti Agosta says

        Terence Kovar ran a great “ad” campaign, however, at a Republican event here in Lubbock where several candidates spoke, he talked mostly spending our tax dollars…all about how the county had terrible employee benefits, and he personally “wanted better benefits”, he talked about several things that would cost the tax payers more… yeah, don’t we all, but not on my tax dollars! Rubbed me the wrong way. He wasn’t really clear on issues, and though he came across as a “nice guy”, I have zero confidence in his ability to fill this position.

        We also heard from Lee Ann Dumbauld at this event, and she really hit the nail on the head with the actual issues, and having a plan. I was given some insight by a former city council member who explained the supposed “firing” and cost to the city mentioned in the Kovar ads. After hearing the other side of the story, my confidence and vote are with Lee Ann.

      • Pratt on Texas says

        Exactly how it was on my show too.

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