Rep. Kay Granger; Dumb Dems in California; Double-Standard on Hunting Committee

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedCongresswoman from Fort Worth, TX22’s Rep. Kay Granger, is in a tough fight for re-election with a strong challenge in the Republican Primary. She made it tougher on herself when in late January Granger claimed to be endorsed by Texas Right to Life.

“Texas Right to Life has never endorsed Kay Granger, including for this cycle,” Luke Bowen, Political Director of Texas Right to Life, said.  “Republican Chris Putnam is the only Pro-Life candidate in the race.  We proudly endorsed Putnam after our interview in December…”

Not so wise Kay, sort of like your son’s failed Panther Island job.

In California a “state senator and immigrant rights advocates rolled out a bill Monday that would strengthen consumer protections and extend guaranteed language access for immigrants and non-English speakers who use bail and bond services,” according to Courthouse News.

The feel-good idea is to make bail bonds more accessible for immigrants in deportation or criminal proceedings, and as always the Democrat solution is to mandate big things which massively increase the cost of providing bail bond services. It’s always the intention as opposed to the result that matters with Democrats.

Moving on, the Trump Administration has killed off an advisory council setup to help with issues related to big game hunting that was made up of mostly people engaged in hunting.

“A 2018 investigation by The Associated Press showed that the board was stuffed with big-game hunters…,” reported ABC News. Repeatedly anti-hunting groups successfully used this argument to get the press to discredit the International Wildlife Conservation Council. Funny, that argument never seems to apply to “climate change,” or other big issues, where committees are almost always constituted of one-view-only advocates.

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