Speeding Ticket Industry Offers Bounty To States Issuing More Citations

Companies that directly profit from the issuance of speeding tickets are offering cash to state agencies that come up with innovative marketing campaigns in support of the citation blitzes. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) announced they would pay an unspecified number of state and local agencies up to $200,000 each for qualifying “speed management pilot project” proposals submitted before March 1.

“The findings from the pilot(s) will be used to develop a speed management program template for use by states and communities across the US,” the organizations explained in their announcement. “The proposal should describe the use of enforcement countermeasures at the pilot site, including current speed-related enforcement (including the use of automated enforcement, if applicable)… All participating agencies and their personnel would be expected to enforce all traffic laws, but with the focus on speeding.”

GHSA and IIHS represent the interests of the speeding ticket industry. GHSA’s members include the government officials whose funding depends on steady revenue from speeding tickets, along with groups like the National Coalition for Safer Roads, which is a front group wholly controlled by the photo radar firm American Traffic Solutions (now Verra Mobility). The National Coalition for Safer Roads is listed as one of the entities that helped develop the grant program in an April summit held in Virginia.

Funding for the grant program will come from IIHS, and the insurance industry group is also offering “on site” assistance to local agencies to help them increase output.

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