Fenves show his lib credentials in UT-Austin’s sexual misconduct saga

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reserved“UT-Austin students condemn school’s handling of sexual misconduct cases,” read a headline at the Texas Tribune. “University of Texas at Austin students were emotional and accusatory Monday as university President Greg Fenves and other school administrators responded to nearly two hours of questions about the flagship’s sexual misconduct policies in a long-anticipated forum,” the Tribune reported.

UT recently released the names of two faculty and 14 employees it claims were found to have violated its policies against sexual misconduct since November 2017. Note that these are people whom the university apparatus claims did something against a policy, not people who have been charged, indicted, and convicted of crimes.

I’ve been following this story for some time and to many of the me-too style protesters at UT-Austin, it seems that an accusation alone is enough to substantiate wrong doing and protestors think these folk should be fired. Maybe they should be; it wouldn’t surprise me if the Leftists that run UT have long had a cover-up for our fellow free-spirited Leftists culture on campus.

What I find most interesting out of this saga is what a well trained Leftist is UT President Greg Fenves who has been presiding over the me-too inspired unrest. Take this Dallas Morning News headline: “‘We have failed you’: UT President Greg Fenves addresses questions about faculty sexual misconduct.”

It all started last fall and, after building to this big forum where high-ups pretend to listen, Fenves played the standard Leftist hand: be emotional, contrite, promise a few policy changes, and then let it all roll down the river until it’s out of sight and move on to the donor reception.

Will it work? Probably.

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