HD83: Democrat claims victimhood for criticism not levied

Pratt on TexasThe man living as a woman in Snyder who is running for the Democrat nomination for Texas House District 83, claims to be being “bashed” on radio by a “transphobic” host in a fundraising appeal.

The claim is interesting in that Perry-Franks has not been “bashed” for living as a transgender unless one believes reporting an undeniable fact is bashing. It is truth that Perry-Franks is a man living as a woman and it is a first-rate appropriate issue to mention because Perry-Franks has chosen to make it an issue.

Everywhere, from Facebook and the campaign website to making passing laws specifically related to transgenderism, Perry-Franks has made the issue central to the campaign. It is immature at the least and disingenuous at the most for someone to claim victim status when others address issues the one claiming victim status put forward in a political campaign.

I don’t care if Leftist Democrat Addison Perry-Franks wears a dress or not. I do take issue with the silliness of calling someone who disagrees with the propriety one’s political and social stances “transphobic.” A phobia is a fear of something and I am not afraid of men living as women or women living as men. I’m not even afraid of people who think they are a tree but, I do have dislike for people who push to use the power of government to force the rest of us to go along with whatever is their favored perversion.

Democrat Addison Perry-Franks

Anyway, Perry-Franks clearly has trouble with reading comprehension as my recent commentary didn’t criticize the transgender life the Democrat leads. What I pointed out in a critical way, and am happy to repeat, is that Addison Perry-Franks claims to be a Wiccan, a pagan, and is endorsed by a national PAC with the goal of electing atheists to office.


  1. I have seen the messages SHE received because of your phobic idiocy…yes. She was bashed and received many death threats because of your want for wayward controversy. Heartless hypocrite.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Absolute bull bleep. Prove it. He has chosen to live as a woman and run for office and was never “bashed.” By the way genius, what is “phobic” about pointing out that Perry-Franks is a man living as a woman AND has chosen to make “trans” issues a part of the campaign?

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