Democrats, blame yourselves for “sanctuary” resolutions

Pratt on Texas“There is a long history of local elected officials pushing back against federal and state law,” read a story in the Dallas Morning News under the headline: “Texas is one of the most gun-friendly states. These county officials want to keep it that way.”

The story is about the movement which has resulted in numerous counties in Texas passing so-called Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions through which gun-grabbing, anti-Second Amendment laws being pushed by Democrats at most every level would not be recognized or enforced.

The wording in these resolutions differs greatly from county to county with some being quite vague and others unmistakable. “While the resolution in Hood County draws a clear line in the sand, the Collin County resolution doesn’t even mention the word “gun.” Instead, it “reaffirms” the oath commissioners took to defend the state and federal constitutions,” the story reported.

While there is a long American history of expressing disagreement with enacted law at the local level, the history of refusing to enforce laws has had rather unpleasant consequences – until recently.

Yes, Democrats who decry these Second Amendment sanctuary moves have themselves to blame for ruining their previously strong argument that such action is not allowed and should bring strong punishment if actually enforced against a duly implemented law.

Democrat-run sanctuary policies, through which immigration laws are ignored and cooperation limited, are in-place nationwide and yet, the punishment meted out has been so meager as to have little effect. So liberals, blame yourselves when you scoff at pro-life no-abortion sanctuary and pro-gun sanctuary resolutions.

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