Anti-Wimp: Concealed carry holder detains suspect at Temple Raising Cane’s

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KCEN reports: Eric Holder said he was eating at the 1304 S. 31st St. location [of Rasing Cane’s Chicken] with his family Friday evening when a young man approached him asking to borrow his phone.

Holder said he made the call on speaker so he could be the one holding on to it.

The man started arguing and accused Holder of racism because Holder wouldn’t let him hold the phone himself. The man then went outside to get a friend, later identified as 21-year-old Christian Watts.

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Holder said Watts attacked him and hit his wife in the head during the fight. “I dislocated my shoulder. I got bruised ribs from it,” Holder said. “All because I didn’t hand over my cellphone.”

Holder pulled his gun and pointed it at Watts to detain him until police arrived around 7 p.m., according to arrest records. Watts was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily injury.

HOWEVER:  Holder hired an attorney to represent him as a precaution in case Raising Cane’s decided to take action against the family for violating company policy.

“It is our understanding that Raising Cane’s prohibits lawful carry of firearms in stores in at least four states,” attorney Scott Crivelli said. “Had that policy been in effect here, who knows how the situation could have concluded.”

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