Anti-Wimp: Robber points gun at Uber Eats driver who pulled his own firearm

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A 2:25 a.m. food delivery southeast Austin turned into a life threatening situation when an Uber Eats delivery driver was confronted by 37-year-ol Gabriel Menchaca Palomino standing “aggressively” very close to him.

An affidavit says: “Palomino asked ‘Do you know what time it is,’ as if he was trying to distract (the man), while grabbing the bandana that was around his neck, and pulling it up over his mouth and nose.” Palomino then pointed a Glock handgun at the delivery driver.

Being a prepared True Texan, the Uber Eats driver pulled out his own Sig Sauer P238 handgun and pointed it at Palomino.

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“For a brief second both Palomino and (the driver) just stood there, not moving, when Palomino moved off toward the end of the parking lot,” the affidavit says.

The Austin American-Statesman reported:

“The delivery man hid between vehicles in the parking lot before he could get to his car and call 911. The emergency operator told him to go to the nearest gas station.

“The man went to a 7-Eleven nearby where he waited for an officer. When an officer arrived, the man got out of his vehicle and noticed Palomino walking down the sidewalk.

“That’s the guy who just tried to rob me,” the man told police.

“Palomino has been charged with aggravated robbery.”



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