The Left is using public education to take your liberty and country from you.

Pratt on TexasIn September I told you about Austin ISD’s plan to close 12 schools to have money to fund Leftist re-education propaganda programs. It wasn’t spin as to the propaganda programs, it was school officials announcing the plan to use saved money to engage in “cultural proficiency training” for all faculty and staff and to operate a “social justice” training center.

More recently I covered how fundamentally ineffective is our system of public education as it is mostly a Marxist service delivery model and fails as all socialist models do. Billions, probably trillions nationwide, of new taxpayer funds have been poured into the systems nationwide over the decades and yet student scores on the most basic skills of reading and math have dropped.

The scores and spending are a matter of incontrovertible record and do not change just because people close their eyes and ears to the facts found in measurement after measurement. As to public education being used to develop a society of Leftist revolutionaries, one doesn’t have to look very far to see examples as incontrovertible as we get with spending and scores.

Take the flap in Austin where angry parents have pushed the proposed 12 school closings down to 4. That pushback hasn’t changed the district’s plan to use taxpayer money to run Leftwing re-education camps. Nope, this week they’ve said they plan to close Pease Elementary and use the building as a “social justice center” in which, according to a district official would teach students to “read texts through a political and economic and societal lens” as well as train faculty on so-called “cultural proficiency.”

Public education as it stands is spending us broke, failing to well educate students, and being used to further Leftist social and political revolution. Most individual teachers are likely quite good but the system in which they work is rotten and needs to be replaced.

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