Fort Hood massacre teaches lessons the deluded ignore

Pratt on TexasOn Tuesday, 5 November, we remembered the massacre at Fort Hood a decade ago in which an Army Major, Nidal Malik Hasan, murdered 14 and injured more than 30 in a shooting rampage at the sprawling central Texas army base.

Official records say 13 but such is untrue as KWTX points out: “One of those killed was pregnant, yet her baby who also died, never has been individually counted on the list of victims.”

The Army medical doctor and psychiatrist Hasan is still breathing earth’s air while on the military’s death row because the military, despite having 6 on death row, hasn’t executed anyone since 1961.

Among the key lessons from the massacre at Fort Hood are:

  • We cannot trust government officials, even our esteemed military command, to act even when there is clear evidence of a problem. Hasan’s military colleagues were aware of his “increasing radicalization” and the Joint Terrorism Task Force was aware of his emails with an Imam in Yeman who was a known security threat. Not only did officials not act, in typical bureaucratic fashion the man was promoted and sent to Fort Hood.
  • Gun bans only aid killers as no soldiers at the location were armed because the Army prohibits soldiers from carrying personal weapons while in uniform. Heroes who tried to stop Hasan without guns died because a chair, a club, calling and waiting on police, none of these things are an effective self-defense against someone intent on murder with a firearm.

The massacre is a stain on our country and yet another happening from which Leftists and other deluded people still refuse to learn the important lesson that we live in a world that is as it is as opposed to as how they wish it were.


This is a fine read: 10 minutes of gunfire 10 years ago left 13 dead, more than 30 injured


  1. sspot on, Robert. Muzzies should NEVER be allowed in our military to start with. Islam is antithetical to American values, so unless they renounce it, that ungodly association should be an automatic rejection. And not allowing the most-highly-trained among us to carry is utter insanity!

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Well I don’t agree with banning Muslims from the military in general, that sounds as the same argument that Roman Catholics should not be allowed to be president, or anything else, because it is believed they would owe their loyalty to a pope over the nation. The point of the column and the lessons learned was not about Hasan being a Muslim. You could replace the words on what we know of him with words associated with the Soviets and get to the same message.

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