In Texas, the party of no shame strikes again on voting law

Pratt on TexasI have been telling you about the latest in a long line of silly Texas Democrat claims of how tightening up the voting rules is little more than evil Republicans systematically suppressing votes of a whole host of imagined Democrat constituencies.

Texas Dems sued over voter identification requirements and lost but are still claiming such somehow is a system to suppress votes. On that issue I hope they’re right in that Voter I.D. should suppress voting by those not doing so legally.

Tightening up rules and increasing penalties to stop the illegal, and proven common in some areas, abuse of vote-by-mail systems is said to be addressing a problem that doesn’t exist or, in cases where it does exist, unfairly directed at Democrats – an argument that simply admits Democrats are most likely those abusing absentee balloting.

A new argument from Dems in the last few weeks is that ending rolling-polling hurts minorities, a practice in which officials take temporary polling stations to places where they wish to get a bigger turnout during early voting. It was a pernicious system abused mostly by school districts and other local governments to help pass bond issues in low turnout election dates.

Now Texas and national Democrats have filed another lawsuit, this time challenging a longtime state law that puts candidates belonging to the governor’s political party on general election ballots first – the candidate ballot order. They say it helps the GOP and is called “position bias.”

The law was passed by, you guessed it, Democrats in 1985 when they controlled both houses of the Legislature! Now that Texas Democrats are in the political minority, they are in court claiming it is an “unfair” law.

The party of no shame and no integrity strikes again.

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