Mealy-mouthed, tepid Republicans could cost Texas in 2020

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reserved“Look, I hope to run again,” Senator Ted Cruz told the Christian Science Monitor at an event in Washington, D.C. “We came very, very close in 2016. And it’s the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.” He was speaking of 2024.

On the upcoming presidential-cycle election Cruz said: “Texas is going to be hotly contested in 2020. I believe the president will win Texas. I think it will be closer than last time.” He said such was because of how angry the Left is and how the hatred of Donald Trump by Leftists is a “powerful motivator.”

Trump only won Texas by a 9 percent margin and given the massive growth of Texas from intra-U.S. migration, it may indeed be closer in the upcoming round but, then again, it may go back to a double-digit Republican win in the Lone Star State. Only time will tell.

Campaigns are simply not won by focusing on the marginal possible but upon turning out larger percentages of those who are not tepid in their support.

What does matter to Republican success in Texas is that weak, mealy-mouthed, tepidly conservative down ballot state house candidates, who get a lot of local press, not muck up the election by caving to the gaggle of Austin consultants and media mavens and watering down the GOP message in an attempt to appeal to those who really don’t want to vote for them anyway.

Early this year all I got in Austin was the mantra that the GOP is in “trouble” with suburban women and we’ve got to do something about that. If that’s really the case then the solution is to double-down on full-throated conservatism and turn out more men to whom that appeals.

Campaigns are simply not won by focusing on the marginal possible but upon turning out larger percentages of those who are not tepid in their support. It’s when Republicans run as strong conservatives that we win the biggest and the same will be true next year.

Senator Ted Cruz

I am curious to see if in 2024, Ted Cruz will still be running as a solid conservative or if he will soften up.

Cruz didn’t lose the GOP nomination to Trump for being too conservative, it’s just that Trump improbably got to his right on issues that appealed to more voters.


  1. James Stewart says

    We conservatives, whatever classification, need to get together quick, figure out the best way to educate voters, and do some soul searching and serious prayer, before the greatest nation ceases.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Nothing, including social media, has well replaced block walk campaigning for conservative candidates. Few do it and do other work in campaigns and then wonder what happened after the election. Shoe leather will not elect a bad candidate but it will always make the difference in competitive races.

  2. Deborrah E Bolls says

    Ted Cruz was my choice from Day 1… and still is. I support President Trump but will wholeheartedly support Senator Cruz when he runs again for President.

  3. Pretty sure liberals aren’t the only ones who despise Trump. I’m conservative on ALL issues and didn’t vote for him the first time and won’t be voting for him this time either. He is a progressive leftist with R next to his name. As far as your comment about Cruz being a “solid conservative”, check out his 80 average from Conservative Review. He’s 1 point away from having a C. Better yet, check out John Cornyn’s 31. Couple that with Patrick and Abbot views on gun legislation and rock ribbed conservatives will stay home or vote Libertarian.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Good luck finding the perfect office holders. I don’t base my opinion on some other group’s score or listing, I may use such for part of my opinion but such doesn’t substitute for my own opinion.

      • What specifically do you take issue with regarding the scorecard? Just a record of how they vote and whether it ranks as conservative or liberal. How about Freedom Works? Same mysterious problem with them too? Sounds like you’re a life-long Republican that’s really not any different than common Democrat. Y’all want massive government. Stop calling yourself conservative.

      • Pratt on Texas says

        Again, you are making up things which do not appear in the story. By the way, I was an original member of Freedom Works and the old CSE which it replaced. I went to DC to pressure members of Congress on their behalf on their dime too. I have no idea what you are writing about and clearly neither do you.

      • What specifically is your criticism of the Score Card about? Just points out how they vote on issues. How about Freedom Works then? Same mysterious objections with them too? Guess sites like this expose the truth about your favorite politicians you don’t like that. I bet you worship Trump too, huh?

      • Pratt on Texas says

        I have zero idea what you are talking about as I did not address scorecards in this commentary. Also I worship no man, only God. You have a problem comprehending what is written.

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