Straus joins Dems in pushing for knee-jerk gun control session

Pratt on TexasMore embarrassment is on tap for those who chose to believe the Austin-insider propaganda over the years when it came to former Speaker of the House Joe Straus of San Antonio.

As Speaker and even more so since leaving the House, Straus has taken big steps which show his loyalty all along was with the Left of the political spectrum. Now he’s even topped previous demonstrations by joining the radical-Left Democrats calling for Governor Abbott to call a Special Session of the Legislature in order to pass knee-jerk gun control laws.

image: Joe Straus

Joe Straus

Instead of taking the interim to debate and soberly study the actual effectiveness, as well as harm to the law abiding, of various gun control proposals, Joe Straus has signed up to the radical revolutionary’s anti-deliberative tactic of cashing in on emotional panic to move the anti-freedom agenda forward; not letting a crisis go to waste.

As usual Straus hides his actions behind words the uninitiated will think good, saying:

“But there are times when good-faith, difficult debate is needed, and needed urgently. Tragically, this is one of those times. There is a gun violence epidemic in our state and country. It is evident in the mass shootings that have scarred our collective psyche and in the violence that plagues our communities. Our legislators shouldn’t wait until the start of the next regular session, 16 months from now, to do the hard work of talking to each other, and listening to the Texans they represent, on this difficult topic.”

If good faith debate is needed then let it take place with the public, you and me, through a primary and general election cycle instead of inside a special legislative session, operating on a time deadline, with many of those voting seeking to gain politically favorable headlines more than they seek to do what’s right in the long term.


  1. To “listen to the Texans they represent,” wouldn’t they need to be in their home districts, not in wierdville?

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Glad you caught that. The full statement also implies that they cannot listen to constituents without being in session – weird.

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