Sen. Cruz get is right while Lt. Gov. Patrick goes brain-off on gun control

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedWhile my friend Dan Patrick, our Lieutenant Governor, is busy acting, or posturing, as a liberal on gun control with emotional responses to “just do something” by pushing doing something that  will do nothing to actually solve for violent crime, I was glad to see that Senator Ted Cruz is still in control of his faculties.

“I’m going to let Dan speak for himself,” Senator Cruz said in interviews over the weekend.

Ted Cruz

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz

Cruz got it exactly right when he said: “We’re seeing 2020 Democratic candidates campaigning on the federal government simply taking your firearms away. And part of the reason politically they are going after the private person-to-person transactions between a grandfather and a grandson or two buddies in a hunting blind, is they want a registry of firearms to then follow through on their objective of gun confiscation. That is a political objective.”

Cruz is right.

An Obama Administration DOJ memorandum on the issue in 2013 specifically stated that the effectiveness of background checks depends upon “requiring gun registration.” Without a national registration system it is rather hard for the government to know if one of hundreds of millions of guns was once owned by one party and then transferred to another.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

On this issue Dan Patrick doesn’t even seem to see the obvious question: Why would those with illegal intent bother to insist other criminals, from whom they would buy a firearm illegally in some back alley, bother to stop the transaction and insist both parties take their illegal transaction to a gun dealer to do a background check?

The entire concept is absurd and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick should be ashamed of his trashing of his own intellect to promote the feel-good liberal position.

By the way, does anyone wonder what old Jerry Patterson, who has traded on his pro-gun votes for decades, thinks? Patterson, who was never much of a conservative despite his bloviating, said he admires Patrick for getting out in front of the politics of the issue.

Patrick’s brain-off position surprises, Patterson isn’t a surprise at all. Ted Cruz shows he still understands the intellectual bedrock of these issues and is in touch with reason.


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