Dolt of a county commissioner shows from where we recruit dolts for DC

Pratt on TexasIn replying to citizens who had written him to protest his efforts to raise property taxes on them, Lubbock County Commissioner Bill McCay demonstrated he has no idea what he’s been doing in setting tax rates for a decade and a half.

“Thank you for expressing your concerns and I would love to lower the tax rate… but doing what I would like to do versus what we have to do are very different. Actually, even if we were to adopt the effective rate, our taxes would increase, on average almost $11 per year. The reason is the increase in appraisals that the Lubbock Central Appraisal District sets as dictated by the State Comptroller’s Office. We do not control the appraisal of properties, the State does,” McCay wrote.

image: Bill McCay

Bill McCay

Then a well known citizen appeared at a commissioners court meeting and explained to him how the Effective Tax Rate is calculated and why adopting such as the new tax rate is not a tax increase. And McCay doubled down, insisting that adopting the revenue neutral Effective Tax Rate would be a tax increase.

I hope you heard the show on Tuesday when the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Glenn Hegar appeared on Pratt on Texas to further explain that Mr. McCay is completely, fundamentally wrong, and not just about the Effective Rate, but about his claim about the state dictating appraisal values.


What I have always told you is clearly true, Washington, DC and its brain-dead, like Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, is simply a reflection of what we have serving in local governments around the nation.

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