Lubbock paper calls male “transgender” HD83 candidate “she”

Pratt on Texas“Democrat Addison Perry-Franks announces candidacy for Texas’ HD 83,” read a headline in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. And despite the fact that Perry-Franks is a male who dresses as a woman, the Mudslide referred to the Snyder resident with the female pronoun “she” throughout the story.

“Perry-Franks is a transgender woman whose campaign is largely built on LGBT issues,” was the second line of the story in which the Mudslide used yet another euphemism for homosexuality by referring to such as “LGBT issues.”

If the collective press wishes to parade its First Amendment protection, then members of the press should work, especially in political coverage, to present clear truth and calling a male who pretends to be a female “she” is a grotesque example of engaging in propaganda by using the approved language of a political movement instead of the plain, well understood meaning of pronouns.

Perry-Franks may dress to hide his biological sex but at least you have to give the ultra-liberal credit for running openly on the homosexual alphabet agenda – unlike a previous Democrat candidate in the district.

And by the way, it is Perry-Franks who has chosen to make homosexuality and his transgender lifestyle the center of his campaign for the Democrat nomination for House District 83.

My guess is that most local media will shamefully engage in “science denial” by calling Perry-Franks “she” in coverage for a variety of reasons including fear of the Left; agreement with the perverse in-your-face homosexual political lobby, and; some of the young foolish reporters will think it’s socially hip or cute to call a man who pretends to be a woman “she.”

Perry-Franks may dress to hide his biological sex but at least you have to give the ultra-liberal credit for running openly on the homosexual alphabet agenda – unlike a previous Democrat candidate in the district.

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  1. Thought –
    Suggest that new more accurate descriptive pronouns be developed so that us simpletons better understand the type of person which is being referred to such as –
    biomanshe or biowomanhe
    I am sure you,me and all your readers can certainly develop new reasonable pronouns that we can use and help develop use worldwide for “universally accepted” new pronouns.

  2. Addi has ALWAYS been upfront and she is in progress of shifting to what she wants to be. Negativity isn’t a way to gain more followers for your site(which very few knew of til i happened across someone getting riled about it) its actually a way to have your site added to the gimmick lists across the interweb.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Biological fact is not “negativity” but truth. That you cannot understand such says all that needs be said about you.

      • wow, your stance on LGBTQ issues is archaic at best. I can see from you replies to other comments that you aren’t interested in a conversation about it. You are obviously not suited for the position, while having such a closed mind

      • Pratt on Texas says

        I’m not sure what “position” it is you find me not suited for simply because I disagree with you. I’ll take the “archaic” comment as a complement as truth tends toward the universal. Thanks for increasing my site traffic.

      • I can see why you need the additional traffic. Unfortunately for you it opens you up for more people to see what kind of awful person you are.

      • Pratt on Texas says

        Glad to be called awful by such as you. It’s instructive how the “love” crowd is so quick to judge and brand those with whom they disagree as “haters” or “awful.”

  3. Caroline L says

    How hateful. I regret having given this a click, because I am firmly against this sort of small minded bullying.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Bullying? Do you know the meaning of the word? Biological fact is not bullying but truth. That you cannot understand such says all that needs be said about you.

  4. Keith Tipton says

    I can’t decide if you hate the newspaper or the candidate more. I wonder if your sponsors are as fond of denigrating people running for office as you are.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Denigrating? Explain where. And I’m sure my sponsors will be glad to know you are in the audience as that is the point, not agreeing.

  5. Jody Friend says

    It takes courage for Addison to stand up and be who she is. She feels like a woman and her psychologist agreed for her to get gender replacement surgery at a time that is best for her. I have known her previous self & I know her with 100% pure heart & a passion not only to fight for her rights but for the rights of others. She is full aware of biblical issues and it is God’s only place to judge. God commands us to love one another as He loved us, instead of flinging around hate speech and judgement. The horrors and ridicule the LGBT community needs to be addressed and they only want to be treated fairly…not asking for favoritism. People tend to fear what they don’t understand. Educate yourself and become a better person instead of a bitter one.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      God commands us to love and love includes the identification and correction of error not the support of error. Improve your understanding of theology.

      • Michael Tinney says

        That’s the problem, anytime you cite a reference to something as real as the tooth fairy it shows exactly what you’re made of. If it takes your god for you to misuse the concept of love then you are as useful to humanity as tastebuds on an asshole. Judging from your racist replies I’d say that my assessment on your usefulness is correct.

      • Pratt on Texas says

        Your reply, language and lower-case “g” for God says all we need to know about you. Sad.

  6. Tommie Jayne Wasserberg says

    the depths of your ignorant bigotry are staggering. perhaps if you weren’t indoctrinated with shitty interpretations of ancient scriptures and had studied biology at some time after grade school, you might have a better understanding of the transgender condition.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Exactly what bigotry is involved? Biological fact is not bigotry but truth. That you cannot understand such says all that needs be said about you.

      • Tommie Jayne Wasserberg says

        your “biological facts” are not valid. the only thing binary about humans is that there are male and female gametes. after that, there is a terrific amount of variation, starting with the sex organs. masculinity and femininity appear on a sliding scale, both physically and psychologically, not one or the other.

        i stand by my assessment of you: you’re an ignorant bigot trying to tell lies as truth.

      • Pratt on Texas says

        Thanks for doubling down on your position and further clarifying the absurd nature of your position as well as your inability to write using the most basic rules.

        From a recent brief to the Supreme Court on free speech: “The price of vigorous political debate is that “[we] must tolerate insulting, and even outrageous, speech in order to provide adequate ‘breathing space’ to the freedoms protected by the First Amendment.” Snyder, 562 U.S. at 458 (alteration in original) (quoting Boos, 485 U.S. at 322). This includes the freedom to harshly criticize the ideas and actions of political or ideological opponents, and to do so with rhetorical gusto.”

  7. This story brings back the question: Is Michelle Obama really a male ? Easy to check & verified…just have a woman go check under the radar…

    • Pratt on Texas says

      I find that rumor ridiculous and silly. It’s Barack who is really a woman! [Humor for those of you leftists who don’t recognize such.]

  8. That’s my daughter and I’m very proud of her I would love to get to know her a lot better I’m speechless because I didn’t know she was just great she really blew my mind I’m proud of you Addison your mom

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