Doc’s Cigar Corner: .50 Cal Garrison Oscuro Maduro Toro

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The featured cigar is the .50 Cal Garrison Oscuro Maduro Toro (6″ x 52) by Warfighter Tobacco Company of San Antonio.

Warfighter is a fairly new entrant to the cigar scene in the U.S. and in Texas. Owned by five veterans of various U.S. military services, Warfighter’s HQ is in San Antonio. Its cigars are made in Nicaragua, at one of the Plasencia factories. They have several blends. This review concerns their .50 Cal Garrison blend in the Toro (6″ x 52) vitola. It is also available in Robusto (5″ x 52), Rocco (6″ x 60), Lancero Maduro (7″ x 38) and Double Corona (7″ x 52).

This cigar has an attractive, professional appearance with its Honduran Habano Oscuro Maduro wrapper. The binder is Honduran Connecticut, and the filler is a blend of Nicaraguan Ometepe Habano, Esteli Habano, and Condega Habano Ligero.

After a V-cut, there is a very easy draw. The first of three runners developed quickly, each requiring a touchup. All runners were slow and broad-based. Ash cohesion was good; the cigar was ashed twice. No problems were detected with disadhesion or unravel, but the burn rate continued somewhat uneven.

The flavor profile began with natural tobacco, moderate cedar, and light white pepper, which persisted. Spice increased but never became hot. Notes of oak joined loamy earth tones to fill out the profile. When I smoked the first of these cigars, at about 2 1/2 to 3 inches, all flavors became less intense simultaneously, and the wrapper began a circumferential underburn with a crisp edge. With a gentle relight of the circumference, the wrapper relit around its entire circumference, and the flavor profile re-emerged at its previous strength. I have not experienced this phenomenon before; I suspect it could be a “Torcedor’s Joke.” It certainly appeared intentional, and did not occur in other examples.

Rating: 92

A very good daily cigar; don’t expect the “Torcedor’s Joke,” though.

The Double Corona could be a very good after-dinner selection.


In Lubbock the authorized dealer is Smoker’s Haven, where the Toro sells for $10.50 per single stick.

The personnel at Warfighter will fill orders out of their storefront, but they much prefer to operate through dealers. Their address is Warfighter Tobacco Company, 23210 FM 3009, San Antonio, TX 78266.

They can be reached at (402) 802-0737, or on the web at



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