Gun rights activist ruins Constitutional-Carry issue for Texans

Pratt on TexasOn the issue of a Texas gun rights activist engaging in behavior that some politicians saw as threatening, as in violence against their families, which prompted Speaker Bonnen to declare constitutional-carry as dead in the legislature and the bill’s author, Rep. Stickland, to withdraw the bill, there is much to say but the lesson most important to remember is this: Beware upstart gun advocates and pro-gun groups prone to hyperbole because they have long crippled our pro-gun rights movement by unwise action, uninformed pronouncements (often against the NRA,) and by wasting money raised off of hyperbolic claims on things that have little direct political influence.

The Houston Chronicle headline on Friday, April 5th was: “State troopers intercept gun-rights activist at House Speaker Dennis Bonnen’s home.” The story is that activist Chris McNutt, who heads his own group called Texas Gun Rights, “… visited the homes of Bonnen allies Amarillo Rep. Four Price and Lubbock Rep. Dustin Burrows early last week. McNutt posted a video of himself in Burrows’ [Lubbock] neighborhood on the Texas Gun Rights Facebook page. On March 27, while Bonnen was 200 miles away in Austin for an all-day budget session, McNutt arrived in the Speaker’s neighborhood,” the paper reported.

McNutt has hurt the issue terribly as have others whose political and P.R. judgment is questionable. Having said that, I question whether being in the neighborhoods of politicians, or even taking a photo of oneself in front of their houses and publicly posting such, is threatening or intimidating behavior in a free and open society.

I can see how lawmakers might legitimately think so, with spouses and children at home while they are away, but I don’t agree with them.

Also of note was Speaker Bonnen’s wife “freaking out” over a picture of a gun in the manner of a crazed liberal. She was quoted in the Chronicle as saying: “You’re also showing up with a T-shirt with a machine gun on it,” adding that the visit was “freaking me out…This cannot become how we advocate.”


A picture on a T-shirt is inappropriate in a state whose existence can be traced to the Come and Take It challenge from the citizens of Gonzalez?

UPDATE: DPS Footage Contradicts Media Narrative Regarding Constitutional Carry Advocate McNutt


  1. Dale Boecker says

    “Constitutional Carry” is not something a “state” can provide or outlaw! All who beleive “McNutt” is a conservative for Constitutional Carry are fooling themselves.

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