Doc’s Cigar Corner: Bobalu Cigar Co. of Austin’s Blue Label Double Maduro Toro

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Robert Pratt has asked me to write a section reviewing cigars for his website! What an opportunity to get feedback on my cigar opinions from other aficionados and help introduce newbies to the wonderful world of good cigars! So, here goes —

The featured cigar is the Blue Label Double Maduro Toro (6″ x 52) by Bobalu Cigar Company of Austin, Texas.

Bobalu makes several excellent sticks. The Double Maduro Toro is one of their best. It is packaged in bundles or in boxes of 20, and is priced at about $6.85 per cigar, factory direct, in the bundle. It is a handsome cigar, with its oily, very dark Nicaraguan maduro wrapper. The binder and long-leaf fillers are also Nicaraguan.

The stick is best cut with a central punch, but also does well with a V-cut if not too long. Draw is medium. Flavor is a medium-bodied natural tobacco with the expected sweetness of Nicagaguan Maduro appearing early and strengthening rapidly. Other background flavors combine to add an oaky earth, with notes of cedar and spice (light black pepper), which persist. Pleasant notes of bitterness appear intermittently in the last 1-1/2 inch.

Due to the wrapper thickness, I recommend smoking this cigar steadily to avoid underburn of the wrapper. Most examples showed some unevenness after the first two inches, but the actual ash is crisp, white, and well-formed. Occasional runners respond to positioning, with touchup only occasionally necessary.

My rating: about 96
This is an excellent after-dinner cigar.

If your local purveyor of cigars does not carry Bobalu, you can reach them at 1-888-33-CIGAR, or on their website at



[Pratt’s note: Why not begin with a cigar from a Texas company? Great job Doc.]

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