To attack Trump, Texas media outlets mislead on El Paso crime rate history

Pratt on TexasSo President Trump is supposed to be El Paso today (Monday, 11 February) for a big political rally focused on border security and the Democrats up and down the Rio Grande are apoplectic about the visit.

El Paso is a place that proves walls work and the media who called Trump a liar about the crime rates there are themselves liars.

The Texas Tribune published a story saying the president lied when saying El Paso’s crime rate was very high and then fell after the substantial border fencing was installed. The problem with the Tribune’s story was that the FBI crime statistics referenced indeed show that crime fell after the border fencing was installed.

But the biggest lie, pushed by the liberals at the El Paso Times, was that the wall couldn’t have been responsible for the massive turn-around from high crime to much lower crime rates because the crime reduction trend began years before the fencing was constructed.

Well done Howard Hickman who posted to the Texas Tribune’s Trump-is-a-liar-story this:

“I lived I El Paso in the early and mid 90’s… The crime rate was unreal until the Border Patrol started stationing officers every 200 yards along the border throughout El Paso. We had a wall of Border Patrolmen until the wall was built.”

I was there too in the late 1980’s through 1996 and he is right. It got so bad they stationed agents in pursuit vehicles every hundred to two hundred yards, all in sight of each other. It was a wall of personnel and it worked. After the significant fencing was built the crime rate continued its downward trend.

The El Paso Times knows the truth but chooses to mislead. The Texas Tribune was just carrying on the Leftist propaganda in solidarity.

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