Texas Governor Abbott names property tax reform legislative “emergency”

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedOn the Fifth of February, Governor Abbott gave the State of the State address to the Texas Legislature. Such will be known as the better sounding State of Texas address from here on out.

Only the Texas governor can name legislative items as “emergency items” and Abbott named several in the address. This designation means legislators can begin work on the items immediately, not having to wait for the first 60 days of the session to pass as the constitution requires for most all other items.

After the speech Lieutenant Governor Patrick pointed out that the Senate already had bills in the hopper for three of the items designated as emergency. Those are: “Senate Bill 2, the property tax reform bill, Senate Bill 3, the teacher pay raise bill and Senate Bill 10, the mental health bill that focuses heavily on identifying at-risk youth.”

Image: Greg Abbott

Gov. Greg Abbott

The House already has the identical property tax bill filed as House Bill 2 from Representative Dustin Burrows of Lubbock.

“If we are going to keep Texas the economic engine of America, we must rein in a property tax system that punishes families and businesses and prevents younger Texans from achieving their dream of homeownership, Abbott said. “We can no longer sit idly by while property owners are reduced to tenants of their own property with taxing authorities playing the role of landlord.”

“Our constituents are counting on us,” Governor Abbott added.

And there is the rub: Will legislators remember we, the taxpaying voters are their constituents or, will they do as is so common and think only of other local government officials as their constituents?

You can help by contacting them all often and telling them to pass the governor’s property tax reform.

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