Anti-Wimp: Armed husband saves wife from armed robbers in Katy

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KTRK reports: “The attempted armed robbery happened around 2:30 p.m in a busy parking lot of a Randall’s store on Fry Road… The couple went grocery shopping and were about to load the groceries in their SUV when a black Cadillac SUV pulled into a parking space in front of them.

“An investigator said one man pulled out a gun and demanded the woman’s purse.

“Her husband was on the other side of the car, and pulled out his weapon. Moments later, shots were exchanged.

“The husband fired four rounds, hitting both men, according to deputies.

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“The suspects got into the getaway car and pulled onto Fry Road, where the vehicle crashed out, leaving two men to run off on foot.

“The driver, who was hit in the shoulder ran to a nearby fire station for help, and collapsed. He was transported to the hospital and treated. His partner remains at large.”

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