Republicans need to show results on border control, the PR war will always favor the Democrats

Pratt on Texas“Five years almost to the day before President Donald Trump’s border officers blocked migrants with tear gas, authorities under President Barack Obama used identical tactics along the same stretch of border near the San Ysidro Port of Entry, according to 2013 press accounts,” Breitbart’s Neil Munro reminds us.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported November 25, 2013:

The incident occurred about a quarter-mile west of the San Ysidro border crossing in the Tijuana River channel. No one was seriously injured, no shots were fired and no arrests were made, said Mary Beth Caston, a Border Patrol spokeswoman.

The group first approached a lone agent stationed about 1/8 of a mile north of the border. They ignored his commands to stop, so he fired pepper balls to try to stop them and protect himself, Caston said.

As the crowd kept advancing and throwing rocks and bottles, she said, more agents came to the scene and used other “intermediate use-of-force devices” to push back the group. The agents also contacted Mexican law enforcement.

This will not matter.

Trump will be seen as evil while Obama is innocence, light, and goodness on the matter. How do I know? Well for one we had a lot of suburban white soft-Republicans who went for Beto Pancho O’Rourke because they thought the so-called family separations were horrific and refused to remember or accept that Obama had done the same.

…obtaining significant results, obvious to the American people, is all that will matter politically.

Republicans would be best served by getting things done on the border, building a wall, and acting fast with a hard line because they will never be allowed to win the PR-war, meaning that obtaining significant results, obvious to the American people, is all that will matter politically.

Update: Obama Used Tear Gas At Least 80 Times at Border

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