Local elections spur government work, Lubbock is an example

Pratt on TexasOne thing we can be thankful for this national Thanksgiving holiday is that benefits of competition in a market can extend into the world of politics.

I have received word that the centralized road maintenance department in Lubbock County is out properly, at least to a temporary standard, repairing county roads that have been decimated partly by improper maintenance over the last twenty years.

It seems that road managers heard clearly the vote of Lubbock voters when two long time incumbents were soundly defeated in the Republican Primary election back in March. Roads that have not received proper attention, especially challenging roads that have an expensive caliche base and span draws and canyons, are getting serious attention.

Lubbock County courthouse

There is nothing like the threat of everyone, especially management, losing their jobs after the new county commissioners take office in January to spur the type of action that should have been routine over the past decade but wasn’t.

We will never have the blessings of the immediate communication between consumers and providers we enjoy in the marketplace with government but, elections can provide some similar benefits but only when citizens step up and refuse to accept incompetence and excuses from those holding elected office.

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