Are Mexican’s Nazi-like “nationalist” bigots?

Pratt on TexasAre the Mexican people (and by that I mean citizens of Mexico, not the stupid and ignorant use of the term of nationality to wrongly mean race or ethnicity) hateful Nazi-like racists and bigots?

If the arguments used against the American people by their own media practitioners are consistent, then it’s not just those of us who believe in law and order when it comes to immigration who are Nazi-like racists and bigots here, it is also many of those lovely folks who live in Mexico.

Why do I say this? Because news outlet Victor Cancino Noticias [news] reported that residents in Tijuana, Mexico have protested the arrival of one of the caravan groups and demanded they leave and shouted “Mexico First.”

Videos published also by Breitbart show that: “Amid the protest, the migrants from the caravan shouted that they wanted peace and jobs. The protest and counter-protest began to heat up to the point where some individuals from both groups began trading punches.”

So clearly if U.S. citizens are to be labeled nationalist-Nazi’s; immigrant haters; racists, and a long list of nasty things because they expect the laws of our country to be respected, then by extension, CNN, Univision, CBS, ABC, NBC and the plethora of liberal newspapers and the like should be running stories now on how Mexicans are also all those things.

One more thing for the Leftist propaganda ministers posing as journalists, if you think Trump is a “nationalist,” in the negative sense you report, you should pay attention to the politics of Mexico where most every issue is presented only through the lens of authentic “nationalism.”

You might even learn that in lovely Mexico, for example, the image of the flag is protected under law and a special permit is needed to even broadcast its image.

Now that’s some “nationalism” for you!

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