Anti-Wimp: Robber boxed in wrong man in Houston

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The Houston Chronicle reports: The 27-year-old man who shot Lopez Arriaga told Houston Police that he thought he was going to be robbed, officials said.

The man drove to a parking space in the complex and was getting ready to get out of his car when another vehicle stopped in front of his, blocking him, Houston police said in a news release issued on Friday.

The driver then pulled around behind the man and stopped again. Lopez Arriaga, armed with a gun, then got out of the car, police said.

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The man who was trying to get out of his car thought Lopez Arriaga was going to rob him. As Lopez Arriaga pointed his gun at the man, the man shot him, hitting him in his left leg, police said. The man has a license to carry a handgun, police said. He was not injured.

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