Why you may want to rethink your next General Motors purchase

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedThe Left never stops and you’ll find them in corporate boardrooms these days as much in political office. On that note, there is a reason you may want to rethink your next GM purchase; or get on the phone to dealers to complain so the corporate Leftists get loud feedback.

Why General Motors Wants A National Electric Vehicle Policy,” read the The KUT headline with the story explaining why the new General Motors “is proposing that five percent of all car sales be zero emissions vehicles by 2025. That’s less than what’s required in some states, but still a progressive move for the company.”

“Given a choice, many businesses might prefer to have less government regulation. Take America’s automakers who’ve resisted the tightening of federal mileage and emission rules for years, claiming those laws make it tougher to sell cars. But now, one of the biggest players in the industry, General Motors, wants the government to adopt higher mileage standards nationwide, and create a national zero-emissions vehicle policy,” the story reported.

Fortunately there is no Federal rule over electric-vehicle sales and that’s how it should be. Having no rule allows the market to work and the best designs and methods to win out. However General Motors is now asking for a national standard and one that requires automakers to have five-percent of all sales be from electric vehicles.

So GM wants to force all companies to make cars they cannot sell. That is not only an affront to freedom but it raises the price of the vehicles you want to buy because automakers have to charge more on what sells to pay for the high costs of making low volume non-sellers. The fuel economy standards already cause this, adding all-electric cars to such a mandate makes it worse.

Sadly, I guess the new GM turned out to really be Obama Motors.


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