Connecting the water grabbers with the political and economic disease known as Neo-Marxism

Want to read a connection to the water grab and Neo-Marxism, complete with the ever-adapting Marxist oppressor/oppressed dichotomy that always swerves off to advocate abolishing of private property in the hands of ordinary Americans? Look no further than the bottom of the next to the last page of the text at this link where it states:

“Not surprisingly, some scholars taking a Marxist perspective1 suggest that making water a private good – particularly as exemplified in bottled water or in cultivation for export of water thirsty crops via irrigation in arid environments – amounts to a new kind of Imperialism.”

1. To suggest that Marxism approaches something scholarly is ridiculous.

2. Water is already, under the very founding of America, a private good. There is no “making” of a private good involved given the ancient foundations of US property law.

3. This statement denies the science of the hydrologic cycle wherein more than 99% of the water used for drinking and growing most crops is returned to the earth.

4. Here is the phony oppressor/oppressed Marxist dichotomy that swerves into pure stupid. Imperialism does not honor private property rights. The imperialism is on the part of the Nature Nazis who would deny our God-given rights to the fruits of our labor and thereby enslave us to unaccountable statist agencies’ autocratic goals, a process that violate the sacrosanct Doctrine of the Separation of Powers by imposing what amounts to agency legislation and evades the independent and impartial oversight of the Judicial Branch through Govt Code ch 2001, if I recall correctly.

J. Adams


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