Beto Pancho’s national service idea antithetical to Americanism

Pratt on TexasRemember back when Robert Francis, Beto Pancho, O’Rourke declared his support for a form of government slavery not associated with national emergency?

In January while speaking in Corsicana, Beto Pancho specified “that he hopes to introduce legislation this year requiring all young Americans to spend at least a year ‘in service to this country,’” KSAT reported.

Mexico and many other countries have mandatory national service programs and a surprising number of Americans, often with little thought, support such ideas. What many do not realize is that such programs are specifically an affront to personal liberty and in a larger sense are antithetical to the uniquely American relationship between the people and their government.

Rep. Robert Francis O’Rourke

We accept a form of slavery, compelled service, during war because such is deemed to be a present risk to the existence of all liberties. Outside of war the idea that one should have to devote significant time to serving the state, for that is what national service is, is the Old World idea that we are subservient to the state and not the other way around.

Beto Pancho’s desire for a Lefty-nation-like national program also teaches us to ignore exactly what the socialist-Left wishes us to ignore: That engaging in free market capitalism; holding a job, and; being economically productive is the purest and most direct way of serving our fellow man and all without the coercion that comes with politically backed programs.

By the way, Beto Pancho did a full media flip-flop on this when his young liberal base figured out that mandatory national service might mean they have to actually go to work even if in some government make-work boondoggle.


  1. There is also something else here: the United States runs on volunteerism, all on its own, without government compelling its citizens to do so. (Have you seen the percentage of how many firefighters in this country are volunteers? It is astounding, and would surprise many.) This is due to a strong civil society, and we are seeing the benefit of having a strong civil society right now in the Carolinas. While many in this country either appreciate this aspect or all too often take it for granted, people like Mr. O’Rourke are ENRAGED that civil society exists and want it destroyed for no other reason than the fact that he wants POWER. (In fact the government would rather not have civil society to contend with because it means people have another source of vitality and strength beyond the government’s ability to control. I’d argue this is why the government is seemingly thoroughly anti-religion, for example.) Having the government compel charity through force (which is not charity, of course) is a great way for the government to destroy civil society. And yes, it is disturbing that many Americans think this is a GREAT idea.

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