Pro-regulation liberals turn laissez-faire with Amarillo’s bum tent city

Robert Pratt photo Copyright Pratt on Texas

Robert Pratt

Let me ask a serious question: If your neighbor violates codes and ordinances to the extent that you are damaged not only in property value but possibly even the ability to safely enter and exit and use your home, does your neighbor’s self-promoted good intentions make your claims, your losses moot?

Some misunderstand the concept municipal zoning and codes as an attack on property rights, and such can be the case when applied unjustly.

In practice, outside of immoral forced annexation schemes, we choose to live within the boundaries of a municipal corporation and want a certain amount of codes to protect our investment in property from being ruined by a neighbor.

Such basic regulation is just the starting point for liberals and the Left who take it much farther, even to the point of regulating your personal behavior in your property through such things as smoking bans. But isn’t it funny how in certain situations the regulatory-loving Left becomes near laissez-faire about property use!

“Local homeless advocates have said the city’s draconian ordinances prohibiting camping and sleeping in vehicles are part of a national trend to criminalize homelessness,” reports the Leftwing Texas Observer about Amarillo taking a landowner to court over a bum “tent city.”

The fines for violating Amarillo’s camping, public health, and sanitation rules are now over $150,000 increasing by $1000 per day.

As you’d expect, the Leftists who always want to regulate our property, make us pay ever more to meet dubious code standards, and love government intervention are, aghast and angry because the same is applied to property the housing of street bums.

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