Gov. Abbott has been strong where it counts

Pratt on TexasAccording to the Austin American-Statesman, “When he was campaigning to be governor of Texas, Greg Abbott called for training school principals to be better leaders. But we’ve found that, with his first term entering its fourth year, the Republican governor has not brought this promise to fruition. “I haven’t seen that come down the pike,” Mark Terry of the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association told [the paper] by phone.”

“When we inquired, we didn’t hear back from Abbott about progress on this promise,” the story reported as well and continued by quoting Democrats lamenting the issue and how they were not able to spend yet more of our money on yet another dubious idea at best.

Image: Greg Abbott

Gov. Greg Abbott

The Statesman is to be commended somewhat for examining Abbott’s promises made in the last gubernatorial campaign and attempting to measure action on such. However, if for one moment anyone thinks that obscure spending programs not being agreed to by the legislature is going to hurt Abbott in this election cycle he is engaged in self-delusion.

Abbott, like most, is not pure as a conservative, smaller-government ideologue but, where it counts, on property taxes and Leftwing attacks on traditional family values, Governor Abbott has been strong and that is what will matter to voters.

Abbott is the chief executive of a state with, constitutionally speaking, one of the weakest executive offices. Rick Perry turned it powerful but only by serving so long that all state appointees were his along with experience as a legislator. Abbott has neither advantage and yet by calling the bluff of RINOs in the legislature on property tax reform, privacy, and a host of other issues key to Texas voters, he has toppled a Speaker of the House and exhibited strong leadership from a position designed to be weak.

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