The laughable Angelou study on SB4 and sanctuary cities

Put this in the file “You can pay to have a study done that will give any result you want.”

“The law known as Senate Bill 4, banning so-called sanctuary cities in Texas, “will jeopardize Texas’ economic prosperity and the quality of life of its citizens,” warns a study released Monday by an Austin-based economic development and analysis firm,” the Austin American-Statesman gleefully reported.

I found it hard to scan rest of a story with such a preposterous lede but then I guessed that it might be funny so ahead I went.

This study was released purposely on the day before the justices of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hears arguments of SB4 in cases brought by Democratic Party front groups.

The Angelou study makes some enormously wild assumptions…

The seemingly made-for-the-Left Angelou study “estimates that undocumented residents [they mean illegal aliens] pay $2.7 billion in various state taxes — such as sales and gas tax, hotel occupancy fees and school property taxes — while using only $2 billion in government services, such as public education, emergency medical services and jail costs,” according to the Statesman.

Other studies done, not released on the eve of an appeals court hearing, report different numbers.

The Angelou study makes some enormously wild assumptions such as that preventing local sanctuary city policies, what SB4 does, would somehow remove more than one million illegal alien workers from the Texas economy.

If that assumption is true then it means all million-plus are frequently in jail which would seem a good argument for having them leave, no?

What do you think?...

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