Anti-Wimp: Home invasion suspect shot in Fort Worth

WFAA reports: “A family was getting ready to head to bed when a suspect broke down the front door Tuesday night, according to Fort Worth police.

“The father retrieved a gun and shot the suspect after a scuffle ensued, said Ofc. Brad Perez. “They were tucking in the children at the time, and all of a sudden they heard a loud bang,” added Perez.

“The father sustained some injuries and is recovering at an area hospital. Officials said he should be okay.

“Police said the suspect died at the scene.”

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  1. I think we should get to hear the 911 call in the suspects defense. If the statement is as its stated we should hear the suspect threatening the family while the homeowner was on 911 call

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Really? Under the law the act of breaking in is a threat which justifies the use of deadly force. Not all home invaders are talkers I would imagine. And what’s this “we” business. We are not a jury and this isn’t a trial in the press.

    • Waiting to learn a burglar’s “additional intentions” is an excellent way to get killed. But, you are certainly free to choose that option. – Retired burglary report writer –

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