Red light camera company lawyer calls for reform of the ballot initiative process in Texas

Texas activists have been blocked several times from using the ballot initiative process to force a public vote on red light cameras. Now the man most responsible for denying citizens a say insists that he is an ally in the fight to reform the the referendum process in the Lone Star State. Andy Taylor, the lawyer of choice for American Traffic Solutions (ATS) in Texas, testified Monday before the Texas state Senate Intergovernmental Relations committee regarding the need to update the law to remove barriers to ballot initiatives that he skillfully exploited for the benefit of his client, ATS, and municipalities that use cameras.

“I’ve seen a lot in terms of how the playing field is not level between the government on the one hand and the citizen on the other,” Taylor testified. “That’s because, in my opinion, of a failure — a gap — in the law.”

Taylor has taken on clients who run ballot initiatives on other hot political topics, but his ties to the photo enforcement industry remain deep. He recently formed the TaylorHittner law firm with George Hittner, former general counsel for ATS.

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